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Ageless Beauty PRO Review Product Submission Request

Let the world know how wonderful your product is! We are seeking beauty, health, lifestyle and fitness products to review, post on two YOUTUBE channels and two related blogs and Facebook page.
Please submit your product for review below. Let us know about it and why it's wonderful. We'll review all submissions and contact you if your product is chosen.
Chosen products must be physically submitted (mailed) to us for review and inclusion in the video. Please note that we can return all items that include a self-addressed and postage-paid package. All other items will be kept or donated. NOTE: Products that are chosen must be mailed within 7 days of notification of acceptance or will lose their opportunity for free review.

Full name:
Email address:
My product is
Describe your product
I feel it should be included because
My website to see the product is
I understand I must mail product for review within 7 days
I have additional products I'd like reviewed as well
I have tweeted video link
Your Twitter URL link to verify
I have subscribed to your channel Ageless Makeup Artist Tips (name of your Youtube user )

*NOTE* First month payment will include $14.95 set-up fee + one-time shipping fee.
Questions: Please direct them to HELP! I HAVE A QUESTION! Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Moehr And Associates, Inc.