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Welcome to Month #2 of Book-of-the-Month Club!
This month you will receive a custom promotional video for your business -PLUS- an ad our our popular site:!
Your video will be posted with your chosen keywords on our YouTube channel (PartyPlanStar) + for maximum visibility.
Please complete the following form to get your video and ad!

Full name:
Email address:
Your city and state
Tell us about your business
Where can we find photos to use (URL)?
Where can we find your ad to use (banner or button) URL
If you don't have a banner, please write text ad (12 words + URL)
URL for video
URL for ad

Please complete the above form to receive your custom video and ad. If you do not have a banner or button ad, you may use a text ad (12 words + URL). Please include a URL website where we can find photos to use for your video. (If you do not have a URL for photos, you may use an image program, like, etc.)
Questions? Please email us at info@directsalespower (dot) com.