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30-Day Success Calendar

Below is a sample of our 30-Day Success Calendar plus excerpts from our
Bootcamp Blast Manual.
Each week contains 4 days of tasks to complete. These tasks are simple, fully-explained and are broken down into steps to follow in order to have a solid sales and marketing foundation for immediate and future sales.


Day 3:
Restructure calendar tasks based on your schedule. If you need to move things around to suit your schedule, that is fine, however be sure to complete each week’s tasks during that particular week, if possible. Each week’s tasks will run between 12 and 17 hours.
You may not be able to work at your business that many hours in a particular week. If you need to push things to other days, try to still accomplish at least one task per day. The more time you devote to your business and to meeting the tasks on this calendar, the faster you will see results. However, you must make it work for you! If you can only work 4 or 5 hours in a particular week, that is fine, but try to do the tasks in order.

Day 16:

Place inventory order. Write and send thank you notes to hostess, customers, co-sellers, etc.



 Excerpt from Direct Seller Bootcamp Manual...


After writing down your 10 goals, decide what you need to do to accomplish each. Is it realistic? If you want to hold 10 sales parties every month, what will that take in regards to working hours, inventory investment, follow-up, hostess coaching, etc.?

Goals are terrific motivators, but if they are not realistic, you are setting yourself up for failure. If you have the goal of earning $5,000 every month, what will it take to achieve that? How many sales events, recruits, personal sales, etc. will it take?

Also, what will it take in terms of time and money invested? If it takes 35 hours a week to achieve this, but you don’t have that much time or REALISTICALLY are not willing to invest that time, be honest with yourself.

Know your personal limitations. If you really only want to work 12 hours per week, set up a plan to maximize your earnings for that 12 hours. You may only earn $1,000 per month for now, but if it’s realistic and not too painful, it is a goal you WILL achieve. You can build on achievements, but not failures.



30-Days to Success!