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Stellar Track Program



For those intersted in serious success.
Stellar Track Program 
will take you from
where you are today
to where you dream of being...
Faster than you can imagine!
If you have the motivation, desire and dream of success
this program is just for you!

OK, here are the basic principles of working with a coach. They are deceptively simple:
  • Get Honest
  • Get Clear
  • Get Busy
Think of someone whom you admire. Someone who has achieved what you would like to achieve. Someone who has the lifestyle you would like to have. Without a doubt, they have mastered those three principles.
Perhaps it's a top Sales Director, a powerful executive, a famous businessperson. Regardless of their status, they have each had to make the decison to get honest, get clear and get busy.

With this program, we will cut through the clutter that is keeping you from reaching your goals. Once we achieve this, we can move forward swiftly to set you in motion for success.
Our Stellar Track Program includes:
90 days of dedicated one-on-one coaching
via phone and/or email
($300.00 value)
Personalized business coaching. Whether you are
interested in growing to top management or earning a certain
monthly income, we can set the roadmap to get you there faster!

1 copy of our Direct Seller Guide ($24.99 value)
One of the most intense lead-generating programs available
for direct sellers. It's simple, fast and cheap to do!

1 membership in our PUMP program ($29.99 value)
Gain access to all issues of our PUMP News Guide with
numerous tips to increase your marketing for sales, recruits, leads
and more. You also receive one full year of marketing support!

1 copy of our Sucess Coaching manual ($34.99 value)
The roadmap for your success.
This program has a combined value of nearly $400.00!
We are offering it to dedicated, motivated professionals
who can see their dream, but cannot seem to get there...
or get there as quickly as they would like.

The fee for the Stellar Track is just $179.00*!
That's just over $59.00 per month for the marketing tools and personalized coaching. Just $59.00. That's one new pair of shoes or pants, a dinner out, a few new cds.
Think you can't afford coaching or don't need it?
Well, ask yourself this:
One year from now, which would rather have?
That new pair of shoes or triple the income you have now?
Some new cds or a lifestyle much closer to your dream life?
It's an easy question to visualize.
Imagine yourself this time next year after you have completed the Success Track. If you use the tools, use the coaching and work the system consistently, you will find success. It's that simple.
Convenient monthly payment plan available.
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$179.00 90-day program (one payment)

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The best marketing tools just for my business!
The coaching was tremendous!
K.Jewelton, Plano, TX

moehr & associates...coaching for stellar success!