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National Speakers Association

Wouldn't it be Great if you could TRIPLE your leads in just 30 minutes??

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money Pitching Editors Now there's an Easy Way to Get Publicity!

Do you need publicity to:

  • Build your business
  • Sell more books
  • Get more speaking engagements
  • Make more money

PR LEADS has helped more than 1,000 business experts. And we can help you  get the publicity you need to:

  • Build credibility
  • Create marketing tools for your handouts and websites
  • Position you as an expert
  • Show why you are better and different from competitors
  • Justify raising your rates and fees!

Isn't it Time the World Recognized You
for the Expert You Truly Are?

Finally, there's an easy way to get your name in print. And it doesn't cost a fortune.

Now you can tell your story to reporters who want to hear it. PR LEADS is the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive way to get publicity for authors, experts, speakers, doctors and psychologists... PR LEADS is perfect for people just like you.

Are you tired of wasting your time sending out press releases no one responds to? Do you wonder why your competitors get all the press - even though your book is BETTER? Are you struggling to figure out how to get the media interested in writing about you and your expertise? PR LEADS will show you how.

Imagine if Instead of Needing Reporters...
Reporters Needed You!

When you use PR LEADS, we'll put you in touch with reporters who need to quote experts like you. That's right. We get approximately 100 requests a day from reporters who are writing stories for major publications who desperately need to find experts to quote in their stories. We'll give you their names and email addresses and their story angles so you can contact them! If you have the information they need, they'll feature you and your books in their publications. We're talking big name publications and media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Newsweek, as well as Redbook and Glamour.

How PR LEADS Gets You Noticed

Every day, we get upwards of 100 requests from reporters who need to interview experts for stories they are writing. These reporters work for the top daily newspapers, like The New York Times and Washington Post, as well as leading business publications like Investors Business Daily, as well as the top women's magazines, like Cosmopolitan, O Magazine, and Good Housekeeping, and leading business-to-business publications in dozens of vertical markets, including health, personal finance, leadership, sales and marketing. Click to see which publications have quoted our clients.

When we see a lead that matches your profile, we send it to you by email. So you'll get a 100-200 word description of the article and its focus, what kind of expert the author is looking for, as well as the reporter's name, contact information and deadline. Best yet, you'll get the reporter's original request. We don't edit it in any way, so you'll see exactly what they need.

Here are some examples of what a lead looks like:

For an article about how being too perfect can affect one's work negatively, I'm looking for a list of examples of the habits of perfectionists at work as well as sources who can discuss how those traits can sabotage one's work and how the behavior can be corrected. Need leads by tomorrow, July 13."

I'm currently preparing an article for a national pregnancy magazine about weight loss for plus-size moms. I'm still seeking experts who could tell me, for example, what plus-size moms should know before, during and after pregnancy."

I'm looking for sales executives who can talk about their rise through the ranks of sales and tips they learned along the way to become successful sales leader."

Click here to see more sample leads.

BUY NOW to Get Publicity for Experts and Authors!

How PR LEADS Will Help You Be Successful

When you sign up for the service, we'll personally interview you to find out your area of expertise and passion. Some of the topics our clients specialize in are Business, Sales and Marketing, Personal Finance, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Women's Issues, Home improvement and Decorating. Click to see a list of more than 200 topics.

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Direct Seller Guide: Get Booked Solid!

30 minutes to TRIPLE your leads, sales and recruits!
"I was just interviewed for Men's Health today and last week for Birmingham News. Thanks again for your fabulous service. I'm kicking myself for having waited so long!"

Lisa Daily
Author, "Stop Getting Dumped!"
"I'm very impressed with PR Leads! I have had a number of quotes in a number of articles. I am learning how to pitch and focus on what readers and writers want, and I get practice every single day. I love it."

Terry Paulson
Professional Speaker
Past President of National Speakers Association
Author of "The Dinner: The Political Conversation Your Mother Told You Never to Have"
PR leads is great. It's a lot like sales - a numbers game. I get lots of chaff in my leads, but I'm learning to quickly sift through them - and eventually - BAM! a perfectly targeted request that is perfectly tailored to my expertise. With PR Leads, I'm getting Ink! Thanks for your service and tips!

David S. Rachford, CPA

We'll even Train You on
How to Respond to Reporters!

Plus, we'll train you on how to respond effectively to reporters so you can increase your chances of getting interviewed! Most reporters want to communicate via email. We'll teach you how to respond effectively to each message, in less than 10 minutes! Clients who have had absolutely no PR training before tell us they get numerous interviews after following our instructions (see testimonials page!)

And that's not all.

We're committed to your ongoing success. With your subscription you'll get 30 days of email coaching. You'll also be able to attend our Master Classes by telephone where you'll learn valuable PR secrets from our clients. You'll find out what really works from experts just like you!

You'll Work with Internationally Recognized
Publicity Expert Dan Janal

I'm Dan Janal and I know what you are thinking because I am one of you! I am a speaker, author and content area expert. I've been in PR for more than 20 years. I was on the PR team that launched America Online. I've written six books for John Wiley that have been translated into eight languages! I've been a member of the National Speakers Association for 11 years and have spoken everywhere from Beijing to Budapest and have taught classes at Berkeley and Stanford.

I know what it takes to get PR and I am delighted to turn my experience and contacts into opportunities for you to get publicity.

Please read the rest of this web site to see how you can benefit from PR LEADS and then call me for a personal evaluation to see what you can expect when you sign up for this service.

Picture yourself quoted in the pages of The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal or Redbook

What would that mean for your business? For your book? Imagine the looks on the faces of your friends, family, and clients. Do you think meeting planners who hire speakers would treat you differently if you had a stack of newspaper clips quoting you? Do you think bookstore managers would work more cooperatively with you if they knew you would work hard to promote the book and drive traffic to their stores?

Then you need to do publicity - and you can do it yourself, quickly and easily - even if you've had no PR experience!

All it takes is One Media Mention and Your Subscription has Paid For Itself

For less than $100 a month you'll get an unlimited number of leads in your major areas of expertise. If you have several areas of knowledge (like sales and marketing) we'll send you leads in all those areas! We want you to be successful, so we send you leads that will increase your chances for success. But we don't want to burden you with irrelevant leads that just waste your time.

You Get So Much for So Little

With your subscription you'll receive:

  • Unlimited number of leads in your areas of expertise sent directly to your e-mail box!
  • Targeted topics and keywords for one user.
  • Unlimited number of updates to your client record.
  • Complimentary membership in our branded community of PR LEADERS.

You'll also get these benefits!

  • Exclusive entrance to our telephone seminars open only to PR LEADERS
  • Invitations to networking events with other PR LEADERS at NSA, Book Expo and other events!
  • Free e-newsletter filled with timely PR tips and strategies.
  • Complimentary 15-minute coaching session when you sign up with PR LEADS so you get the most from the service.
  • Expert advice and feedback on your sample responses to reporters.
  • Free subscription to our PR LEADS Success System - daily emails that teach you our secret tips on how to use PR LEADS to get the most PR possible and work effectively with reporters.

Here's what Our Clients are Saying
about PR LEADS Publicity for Experts

Our clients include some names you might be familiar with: Sales Superstar Speaker Tom Hopkins, Publishing Guru Fern Reiss, Media Training Expert Susan Harrow and many authors of the Dummies books, as well as columnists for, as well as doctors, lawyers and psychologists famous in their own markets or niches.

"As a psychologist, I recognized the importance of publicity, but was reluctant to pay a lot for a publicist. I was fortunate to find PR Leads and get great publicity for an extremely low cost. I've been quoted in media like The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Self Magazine. Through the great PR I've received, I've built my business and landed several book deals with major publishers."

Larina Kase, PsyD, MBA, Psychologist and Business Coach
Author, "The Successful Therapist" (Wiley, 2005)
"Dan Janal and PR Leads landed me a book contract from a major publisher for $25,000, with lots of upside potential and follow on consulting!"

Ted Demopoulos
Consultant and Professional Speaker
"After spending a lot of time and money on publicity, I've come to one conclusion. PR LEADS is the easiest, most cost effective way for authors to promote themselves. The investment on return is unmatched by any other product or service currently available. If you want to sell books, you need exposure to the media. If you need exposure, use PR LEADS!"

Todd Thornton
Author, "Home Buying without the BS!"

Click here for more Testimonials

Are You Ready to have Reporters
Quoting Your Expertise?

There could be a reporter out there right now looking for someone with your expertise to quote in his next article. PR LEADS will send you leads that match your profile, and will coach you on how to get reporters to respond to you. It's the fastest, easiest, most inexpensive way to get PR for yourself or your business.

Here's How You Can Start
Getting Targeted Requests from Reporters
Delivered to Your E-mail Box -- Every Business Day!

  1. Sign up for a monthly plan for only $99! Click here now!
  2. After your order is accepted, you will be shown a list of topics. Select the topics you're an expert in and we'll create your account.
  3. Let us know when you'd like to conduct your orientation session. Please schedule about 15-20 minutes.
  4. You'll receive by email printed instructions on how to respond to reporters so you can refer to instructions any time you like.
  5. You'll receive leads from reporters! It is that simple.

You can stop the service any time you like! If you are planning a 3-month book campaign, that's fine with us. Extend as often as you like! You're in charge!

Please note: PR LEADS is NOT AVAILABLE to PR firms, large companies, non-profit organizations or educational institutions. We work only with authors, experts, speakers and solo entrepreneurs.

Want to order by phone? Call me, Dan Janal, president and founder of PR LEADS on my personal phone line, 952-380-1554 from 9-5 CST.

My Personal Guarantee to You

I want you to be pleased with this service. Therefore, I guarantee that I won't accept your order unless I am sure that we can send you leads that will be relevant to you. I also guarantee that you can cancel the service any time you like for any reason at any time. You are not locked into any long-term obligations. If you don't have time to use the service, just send me an e-mail asking to cancel the service. No questions asked.

You'll be assured that this on-line transaction is 100% secure and after your Application is confirmed you will get an electronic receipt and Instructions within a few minutes.

So Let's Get Started Now!

So here's what you get:

  • The chance to get quoted in newspapers and magazines
  • The opportunity to build your credibility with the endorsement of the print media
  • Dozens of leads each month targeted to fit your key areas of expertise
  • Training on how to respond effectively with reporters in one-on-one personal session with PR Expert Dan Janal
  • Teleseminars with leading experts who will offer successful tips and strategies for publicity and marketing books, products and services

All for just $99 a month -- and you can cancel at any time without out any penalty if it doesn't work out for you for any reason -- No questions asked.

I'm looking forward to working with you!

Dan Janal
PR LEADS - Publicity for Experts

P.S. Here's your chance to get reporters to tell you about the stories they are working on -- and need help with. For only $99, you'll get lead from the top publications sent directly to your personal e-mail box. Click this link to start your service right away! 

BUY NOW to Get Publicity for Experts and Authors!

Click Here to Order Now
It's Easy to Get PR LEADS
Simply click this link:
» Sign Up Today «
For only $99 a month, you can get PR LEADS for as long as you like!

"PR Leads is one of those rare offerings that promises a lot and then over-delivers. I'm getting three interviews with every four responses I make, and that's happening at least twice a week. I'm a tough critic, and Dan provides an outstanding service."
Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
Author, Million Dollar Consulting

Get Publicity with PR Leads; Marketing Publication and Press Publicity Newsletter. Enter your email address below to subscribe!

"Need publicity? I tested this new service and was talking to a reporter from Business Week magazine the next day!"
Joe Vitale
Copywriting legend

Dan is a PR marketing genius! He created a way to get great PR for "almost free" and even made the process of getting articles published extremely easy. I received a great interview that fit my expertise to a "T" the very first day. I'm hooked!"
Debbie Allen
Author of Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters

PR Leads gives me access to news media queries that are otherwise available only to clients of expensive public relations agencies. PR Leads gives me prompt, personalized service, for a fraction of the price."
Edward Hasbrouck
Author, "The Practical Nomad"

"The ROI metrics of PR Leads is simplistic. It just takes one mention in the media! You cannot buy that type of individualistic branding elsewhere and you can use the story over and over in many formats for marketing and branding. PR Leads is a must for competitive advantage."
Steve Koss

Because of your service, I appeared quoted in this month's Sales and Marketing Management (SMM). I will also be quoted in the March issue of SMM, and in the Feb issue of Entrepreneur magazine. I just responded to today's lead from SMM about "Competitive Sales Environments" and fully expect to be contacted about that one too." Things are going great !! Thanks !!
Bill Stinnett
Sales Excellence, Inc.

"Thank you again for the wonderful work you do by providing PR Leads. Today was such a terrific experience when I realized I was quoted on the front page of USA Today. What an incredible opportunity for national exposure! I'll also be keeping my eyes out for the January edition of Entrepreneur Magazine where I will be quoted for the third time but, in addition, they're including my photo as part of the article. Thank you again! My stack of quotes grows and grows each month!"
Arlene Vernon
HRx, Inc.
Consultant / Speaker

"Thanks! Your service Rocks!"
Terri Levine
Author of the best-selling book, "Coaching For An Extraordinary Life"

"I am starting to get phone calls from people who had previously interviewed me, thanks to your service."
ArLyne Diamond
Consultant to Management
Diamond Associates

"Being quoted is just plain fun!"
Martia Nelson
Author of "Coming Home: The Return to True Self"

"I was interviewed today by Good Housekeeping on getting complaints resolved. Thank you, thank you and thank you. PR Leads has really helped."
Dr. Diane Roberts Stoler, Ed.D

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