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WAHM Bookings, Direct Sales Tips
Direct Sales Marketing Leads
Get Booked Solid! Party Plan Leads

Book more home sales parties...GUARANTEED!

 Triple your home sales party
bookings in one month!

 Recruit 3 x the amount
by this time next month!

Increase your party plan bookings
with our simple & easy system.


Direct Sales Ideas, Party Plan Tips

We're the original
Since 2003, we've helped thousands
increase their party plan bookings
and build a stronger direct sales business!

is great for getting new party plan and direct sales
prospects, leads for home party sales bookings and
of course, lots of options for recruiting your
own party plan team! can use this party plan leads generating system
to build your sales, recruits and re-orders, too!

Party Plan Bookings, Direct Sales Parties
Get Bookings Whenever You Need Them!

Ready to

is great for getting new party plan and direct sales
prospects, leads for home party sales bookings and
of course, lots of options for recruiting your
own party plan team! can use this party plan leads generating system
to build your sales, recruits and re-orders, too!

Home Party Plan, Direct Sales Leads

Need Party Plan Leads?
Get Booked Solid!

Direct Sales Women . Party Plan Sales

your leads for direct sales
and party plan bookings, home party sales
& recruiting a larger direct sales team!
Simple technique.
Cheap, easy and fast.
TRIPLE the leads!

No promised "secrets" for party plan success...
just a proven system that works today, tomorrow,
next week, next year...whenever you need
more leads than you can handle!


Party Plan Helpers, Direct Sales Parties

Once upon a time...
There was a really motivated and excited person
who signed up with a party plan company. Visions
of money, prestige, success, leadership danced
in her head as she started off.
She held home sales parties, sold products and
enjoyed building a small, but growing team, until...

She ran out of leads.
She ran out of bookings.

She started to run out of steam for the excited joy
and belief in her new business venture. Soon her
product inventory started to gather dust and her
phone stopped ringing.

She started to feel foolish for ever thinking she
could really have a successful team, make lots of
money or even build a business that would pay for
her phone bill, much less buy a new house.

She was ready to give up.
If she could only find some more bookings, she just
knew she could make it, but her friends and family
were tapped out and she didn't know where to turn...

She knew to be successful that she needed to

Sound familiar?

This may be your true life fairy tale.

Trust us, you're not alone.
The business of your dreams is within your reach but
only if you learn a solid, repeatable system that will
help you get more party plan leads than
you've ever had before.

We can help!

We promise straight-talk only here:

Looking for a good, solid party plan leads and marketing
system that really works is confusing and frustrating.
Everyone promises to give you the "secrets"
if you buy their system.
Hoping for "secrets"?
Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are no "secrets" or
unknown mystical forces for success out there
(but we're sure you already knew that). 
We hate hype, so we'll try to steer clear of it here.

You'll be spared anything hyped up and suspicious
(you already know the old adage about things sounding
too good to be true). Besides, if it's hype you want y
can find enough of those out there on the internet already.
That's why our system comes with this promise:
It's simple, complete, fast and cheap.
And, best of all...
It works if you work it.


Party Plan Bookings, Direct Sales Leads

Ready to TRIPLE your
home party bookings?
Get Booked Solid!
A unique, simple system that works!
If you are a direct sales and party plan professional looking
 for more bookings, more leads and more sales,
you can TRIPLE your leads, sales & recruits
in just 10 minutes.
If you are a party plan sales professional looking for

    (imagine 3x the leads in one day)

    (multiply your profits)

    (literally GET BOOKED SOLID!)
You can TRIPLE your leads for a powerful
boost in sales & recruits in just 10 minutes.

Book More! Fill Your Calendar!

Does this describe you?
  • You love your products and services but feel
    frustrated trying to find new
    party plan bookings
    customers quickly and easily?

  • Have you placed ads, cold-called, hit up friends and
    family, exhausted your "circle of influence"?

  • Have you always wondered
    "How did they get to the
    top levels of management?"

    How can I get there too?

  • Have you had moments of doubt wondering
    how in the world you were going to
    find more direct sales leads and customers?

  • Are you naturally a rather shy person...not good
    striking up conversations with strangers?

  • Would you love to have triple the amount of "warm"
    ...people whom you have already met and know
    your business?

  • Do you have a team that needs to be inspired?
    Are you eager to grow your party plan business?

  • Are you new to the business and need a solid
    way to hit the ground running?

There is finally a quick and easy way to get
more party plan leads than you've ever had before!

This plan takes just 10 minutes to implement.

Once you put the basics of the GET BOOKED SOLID!
system into place, you can literally use it
for 10 minutes and start gathering leads immediately.
 We promise, with the GET BOOKED SOLID!
system, there will be:
 NO Cold-calling

NO Placing Ads

NO Internet/computer confusion

NO Talking to "everyone you know"
about your business
NO Starting up conversations with strangers
NO Spending any money
NO buying leads lists or phony leads sources
NO selling affiliate products
NO hyping up or getting involved 
with other systems
NO complicated mlm programs to understand
NO doing anything but promoting
your own products & services!
We promise to give you a straight-forward,
step-by-step program to GET BOOKED SOLID!
No tricks, gimmicks or hype.
This program utilizes a proven method used by
numerous multi-million dollar companies worldwide
to increase their customer base, leads and sales.

There's nothing weird or illegal
or even remotely unseemly. It's just a simple,
under utilized technique that works if you work it!
What this does not do:
We are not going to spend time telling you how to choose a
business, be a team leader or manage your accounting
systems. There are no party games, how to start a website,
blogging ideas, social networking ads, etc.

There are other resources to address those.
This is a solid PARTY PLAN leads generating system

Combined with numerous marketing ideas,
techniques and tips for working your PARTY PLAN
and DIRECT SALES business, the GET BOOKED SOLID leads
system is a sure-fire business builder!
We are marketing consultants and writers--
not just "marketing affiliates" trying to
re-sell the same old regurgitated information.

Our products contain original content
developed expressly for the
party plan and direct sales professional.
Sorry to sound so stern, but with all the you-know-what
circulating the web it's easy to get overwhelmed and just
shut down before you can get a chance to do anything.

We know, we've been there.
After a few hours researching, it can be easy to get
overwhelmed by all the "so-called" authors out
there with books to sell. It's enough to make you
want to turn off your computer and flip on the
TV and turn into a jelly-brained mess.
We've tried to give you the information to
make decisions without beating you over the head.
Our promise to you.
What we promise to give you, we'll give you.
Promptly and with a cheerful smile on our face.

We're real people.
We're located in the good old U.S.A.

If you have questions, just write to us.
We'll answer as quickly as possible with the same cheerful
attitude. If you have a problem, just let us know
and we'll have it solved within 24 hours.

It's what we expect
when we do business out there in the big, bad world.
Real people.
We're real people on this end. We really wrote and published
this book and all of our books and products (that's really me
on this site with a copy of the Direct Sales Guide:
Get Booked Solid!).

What am I getting?

Something that may seem a bit old fashioned...ORIGINAL
CONTENT. Our products are not re-hashed copies of stuff
you can get anywhere else.
Our products are original material, hold copyrights and are the
product of our own eyestrain and cramped wrists.

This is not some come-on to get you to promote third party
affiliate programs or products. (Aren't you disappointed when
you click through someone's site and find that's all there is?)
What we give you are proven techniques to BUILD and
GROW your party plan business by getting more leads quickly.
These are leads that you can turn into sales and recruits.
It's a simple process that works very quickly.
Our testimonials are actual, real live people
who wrote us to tell us that our program
got them motivated about their business again
and best of all...our systems worked!


Party Plan Leads

Party Plan Bookings, Party Plan Ideas



Ask yourself ... are you really SERIOUS this time?

Is this the year that you really pick up the reins and
steer your business to the next level?

If you are serious about really growing your party plan
home party sales business and developing a team,
then the principles in GET BOOKED SOLID! will enable
 you to that quickly and easily.

You can get started as soon as you receive it.

Get Booked Solid!
was written for the hesitant salesperson--
the person who really wanted to succeed and sell more
and recruit more--but who procrastinates trying to find new leads.
Did you know...

There are numerous new leads in your very own hometown
that you can easily get? They're out there right this minute
and you could be benefitting from the simple way you can
get to them 
without placing expensive ads, cold-calling,
begging people to hold parties, etc.
Work smarter...not harder...
If you know you could be successful if you just had a
way to develop lot of contacts quickly, easily...
and without ANY extra cost whatsoever...
then this plan will help you on your way.
Once you have
there's nothing else to buy.
You already have everything to need to get started
building the party plan and direct sales business
of your dreams. 
We'll just tell you how to use it to your advantage.

Get Booked Solid!

Triple Your Leads,  Sales &  Recruits!

is tailored to the direct sales industry. It will help you:
  • Increase your sales
  •  Increase your customers, referrals & recruits
  • Have more fun at your sales events...
    whether they be parties, classes, clinics or bazaars

To increase your sales you need to get your product/service
in front of more people. To find those people you need to
increase your customer base.
We can show you how to do that without spending one dime
and in literally 30 minutes (actually more like 10 or 15).
This is a very simple and unique concept. Whether you sell
cosmetics, candles, food, home items, clothings--anything!--
we have a proven way to making your business really boom
with new leads
in a just a matter of days.

How can you be so sure?
We have tested and proven that this concept works
time and time again. It is not difficult, it is not costly,
it is not wacky.

It's a simple and effective marketing method.
And best of all, it really works!

Do you sell kitchenware or food at home parties?



Party Plan Sellers, Direct Selling Women

If you work our concept you will not only INCREASE,
but possibly quadruple the amount of leads, customers
and sales you currently have.
It's fast, easy and free!

We supply marketing programs and support
for consultants representing companies
like these (partial list):

  • Mary Kay, Beauticontrol, Jafra, Avon, Arbonne
    Longaberger, Discovery Toys
  • Passion Parties
  • Southern Living At Home, Home & Garden Party
  • Lady Remington, Weekenders
  • Pampered Chef, Tupperware, Watkins, Tastefully Simple
  • Partylite, Cera Bella
  • Homemade Gourmet, Herbalife
  • Princess House
  • Creative Memories, Scrap in a Snap
  • Luzier, Aloette...
And more...nearly any direct sales program/organization!
Like we said before, this is not some "miracle,"
but a valid, easy and quick way to
increase your customer
...virtually overnight!

If you've got 10 minutes in your busy week,
that's all you need.
Our techniques are an terrific way for non-salespeople
to build a sales-oriented business.
If you have ever wondered
"Who am I going to find to do another party?"
"How can I increase my customer base without
spending a lot of money to rent booth space at bazaars
and trade shows?"
...then this is for YOU!
We offer the answer and plan to you in an easy to follow,
step-by-step guide. We will tell you what to do, how to do it
and what to do when it starts working really well.
You can get started the very day you receive GET BOOKED
There's nothing else to buy. You already have
everything you need to work this program.

Hold 24 home sales parties?

Get 12 new direct sales recruits?

Sounds kinda impossible, doesn't it?
For that you'd need to really work your tail off and
spend a lot more time than you have.

Maybe you don't even want to do that much.
Maybe you just need an extra couple of home sales parties
a month or maybe just two or three new recruits
would knock your socks off.



Direct Sales Leads, Direct Sales Tips

Grow your party plan business
Finally develop a rock-solid business
that you can count on month after month.
Work at home
The best home businesses really make money and give you
a chance to control your schedule. At worst, they become
"hobby businesses" that can actually cost you money to run.
Which is yours? Which do you want?
Get more party plan leads
Honest to Pete (who is Pete anyway?)

Truly, if your work this system, you have the
 power to explode your party plan leads base.

And, here's a little'll be more
fun than you ever had before.
Do you sell?

       CHILDREN'S ITEMS      
      SPA PRODUCTS      

If so, GET BOOKED SOLID! can help you.

This sounds great so...what's the catch?

No catch. Honest.
We know this technique works.
We know it works well.  If you are serious about
making your party plan business really grow
--and we mean quickly!--this can help.

Once you get those leads, you will still have to actually
get out your calendar to book the party, coach your
, sell your products, fill re-orders, handle
inventory, recruiting and administration. There is no special
glittery path around working to achieve, like some
marketers want you to believe.

It takes consistent effort to succeed.

The only difference will be that with GET BOOKED SOLID!,
you'll have the tools to make customers plentiful, build
and promote your product to larger
30 minutes or less!

Come on now! In 30 minutes I will increase my
customer base and sell more products?

In a word...yes.
If you follow our simple and quick method to
growing your party plan business,
you can literally make your business
double in under 30 minutes...and
without spending any money.


Party Plan Bookings, Direct Sales Tips

You CAN do this in under 30 minutes!

Our system will lay out:
  • Explanation of the concept
  • How to work the plan
  • Where to start
  • What to do
  • What to expect
  • How to plan for extra sales
  • Forms to use
  • How to work your increased leads and referrals
  • V.I.P. Extra Bonuses!
Interested in recruiting?

GET BOOKED SOLID! will have ideas that will not only get
you booked, but it will help get you more downline recruits.

Considering how much extra income it could yield for
you, the price of the book is a bargain. However, whenever
something sounds so good, we
know you may
feel cautious wondering...

"What could possibly be that terrific that
I haven't thought of it?

What would allow me to double my leads
in under 30 minutes?"


Recruit like never before!


We know there are many programs that
promise you can stay in your bathrobe all day
and still earn $400,000 per year.

Not likely.

We don't promise miracles, but if you work the plan
laid out in GET BOOKED SOLID!, your party plan leads and
direct sales opportunities will increase and you will have much
more fun with your business!

It will tell you exactly how you can get your business
in front of many, many more possible customers...
without spending any money, doing things that
are uncomfortable or spending lots of money.


It's great for those in new towns who do not have a huge
network of friends/family nearby.


It's perfect for those who are shy or new to sales.
It doesn't allow for any of those tired old methods used by
party plan companies in the past.

There's no lurching toward every new prospect on
the street, starting up chatty conversations
(all with the intent to drop a net over their head),
or pick up the phone and (yikes!) call people
they don't know.

If you are truly serious about building your business,
earning 2, 3, 4 or 5 times what you earn now and having a
lot more fun doing it, then GET BOOKED SOLID! will get you
going in the right direction.

Ready to work?
It works if you work it.

 It can work for nearly any direct sales home party product...
skincare, books, lingerie, adult items, cosmetics,
cookware, toys, candles, food, wine, etc.!




Do you sell makeup or skincare? GET BOOKED SOLID!
Do you sell makeup or skincare? GET BOOKED SOLID!


Get Booked Solid!
Party Plan Leads Generating System
Order now and get these



Success @

Get your business more
visibility with a FREE listing on
our VIP members-only site.

This site has unique opportunities
to help you build your business faster!


PUMP Party Plan Marketing

PUMP Party Plan Marketing System
 is a unique and targeted guide
for motivated direct sales professionals.
Ignite your business with PUMP!

No regurgitated articles and tips here,
PUMP is packed with new and unique
useful tips, stories from top achievers who tell what it
takes to succeed, and marketing inspiration.
Get your TWO FREE samples of PUMP!

**Now bonus audio included, too!**


Listen & learn!

Direct Sales & Party Plan
Articles & Podcasts

Plus you'll get access to more informative
articles on building
your party plan/direct sales business.
Bonus: Audio podcasts of powerful
marketing articles, tips and ideas!


VIP Members Only Treatment!

You're a V.I.P. customer!
All of our VIPs are privvy to special deals and discounts.

Ask yourself...
  • Are you ready to start treating your business like
    a professional company...and not just a hobby?

  • Are you ready to invest in yourself and
    your business to take it to the next level?

    This system will pay for itself time and again.
    The profits you can earn will speak for themselves.

    But you must take the first step ...


Think about it.
It's everything you need to start getting more
leads and bookings than ever before...
all in one SIMPLE program.

Since finding new leads can what makes or
breaks most direct sales businesses,
are you sure you really want to succeed?

Get started today creating your own
profitable direct sales business team!

Need leads now? Take action NOW.

Within minutes you'll be on your way to
creating your own incredible, money-making
lead generating program. 

P.S. Remember that you get

Direct Sales Guide: GET BOOKED SOLID!
Leads Generating System



PUMP Party Plan Marketing
System Samples


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V.I.P. Members Only Status



Buy now!
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  NO waiting! Upon confirmation of payment you'll
be directed to the V.I.P. Members-Only site to get your ebook
version PLUS all the bonuses.

**NOTE** This offer is limited time only
and subject to change without notice.

To order the Guide, print and mail order form with
payment or pay via our secure server payment site or Paypal. 

Immediate Access! 
You will receive the book as an automatic download.

You will be provided with the document access link
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