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Business marketing program for home businesses,
small businesses, direct sales and more!


I've been in direct sales awhile and was skeptical to order
because I thought I knew all the ideas but I was pleased
to see so many new ones I hadn't thought of!


You love your products.
believe in your service.
You want to be
hate finding new customers.

Guess what?

You are not alone.

Almost all salespeople feel this way at one point or another. You just KNOW you could be a selling superstar if you could only find more leads. And not just leads...leads who know you and feel comfortable buying from you. You've exhausted your list of family, friends, co-workers. You know you need more customers from outside your personal network to really get the sales numbers...and desire.

Don't give up! PUMP is your answer to getting even more qualified warm leads in record your very own hometown!

What's PUMP?

PUMP is the direct sellers guide to
pumping up your business, generating more leads, sales ideas, inspirations, motivations and friendships.

A lead generating bonanza that many ways to promote your business, PUMP will offer you:

More ways to find leads
than you could ever imagine!

PUMP is the answer to the nagging question
How can I find more leads for sales and recruiting?

Written and developed specifically for the direct sales industry, PUMP is a full-service marketing program designed to help motivate, educate and inspire you to grow your business quickly.

With PUMP you'll also receive:

*NEW and INNOVATIVE sales event ideas that invigorate your potential hostesses to want to throw you a sales party! These are fresh, NEW, and a completely different!

*How to get your business, opportunity and information/samples in the hands of hundreds of interested consumers--no placing ads, sending out fliers, cold-calling!

*How to get pages of verified buyers and potential leads in your own city(names, addresses, etc.) without spending a dime!

*How to develop a sales network in your hometown that gets you more potential leads than you could even work!

*How to get recruits faster than ever.

*How to get great referrals from professionals in your very own city!

*How to get your business on the right track from day one.

*Personal one-on-one consultation tailored to your business!

New ideas, stories, opportunities to grow your business are added frequently.

Is this you?

If you are like many direct sellers, you got recruited into your company believing you could really do what it takes. You got your kit, read your materials, played with your products and even attended sales meetings. You even made some sales and possible recruited a bit.

But then life's demands got in the way and your business took a backseat. Now, your enthusiasm could use a booster shot because you dread finding new leads, picking up the phone to make cold-calls, etc.

We don't believe in cold-calling...ever!

You can reinvigorate your business, develop more leads and customers than you've had in the last two years COMBINED and start making real money doing what you love without cold-calling, placing expensive ads, etc.

You just need a few ideas, some motivation, a little inspiration and the desire. We can give you the first three. PUMP is your weapon for the best year you've ever had!

This can be your best year ever!

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