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Top Sellers Tell

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Top Sellers Tell...

Top Direct Sales Professionals Tell How
They Achieved Big Success!
"What a terrific and helpful book, I couldn't put it down.
It is like a guide to your direct sales business.
It is a must have book. I am so thankful , it gives me insight
on how other people went about achieving success.
From finding the right company to join, what to do and
what not to do in your business and all the steps
in between to building your team. I can really relate
to the sales professionals in this book.
This has been truly, a great inspiration."
Donna D.

Take charge of your direct sales career and
learn what it takes to reach the
top levels in this industry.

Top Sellers Tell... is an insightful and candid look
into the world of some of the top direct sales
professionals in the U.S. and Canada.
With personal interviews they reveal:
  • Strategies for growth
  • Mistakes they've made along the way
  • What they have learned
  • How do they get leads?
  • Advice on building and managing a team
  • Top tips for sales, booking, recruiting
  • Inventory: Necessary or not?
  • How to stay motivated
  • Managing their day-to-day business
  • How do they market for results?
  • Leads groups: Worth the effort?
  • Suggestions for profitable sales parties
  • What you must do to have a thriving career
  • How they achieve big success!
Whether you are new to direct sales or a
seasoned professional with a growing team,
Top Sellers Tell... can give you the vision to
take your career to the next level. Also included
are marketing and referral tips, goal-setting
programs, simple business plan ideas and more!
Covering topics every seller wants to know:
Advertising: Does it work?
How to build your team
What was their biggest mistake?
What do they prefer: Sales or recruiting and why?
Do you need inventory? How much?
Getting leads and bookings
What is their next goal?
...and much more! 
Top businesses in the industry are
represented including:

Mary Kay
Premier Designs Jewelry
AtHome America
Celebrations by Lillian Vernon
Synergy Worldwide
Once Upon a Family
Daisy Blue Naturals
House of Lloyd
Time to Celebrate
Story Time Felts
Taste of Home Entertaining
Available Now!
I found this book so helpful with everything to
do with my business-selling, booking and recruiting!
Advice from successful direct sales people is so valuable.

I have recruited several new people and
doubled my bookings with the help of Top Sellers Tell.
Thank you!  Mary T.