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40 & Fabulous!

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Are you 40 & Fabulous?

In days gone by there few reasons to celebrate your 40th birthday...especially if you were a woman!

Thank God, a few things are changing the face of turning 40. Celebs are touting it as the new 30, skincare companies are finally catching a clue and marketing their wrinkle creams with spokeswomen who actually have wrinkles, and the anti-aging biz is going great guns.
While turning 40 isn't exactly in the same category as turning 21, it really should be. When turning 21, you finally have access to ALL of adulthood. But looking at it from 40, that's really a laugh. When you turn 40, you really FEEl like you have access to all adulthood.

You've likely had a career, family, numerous mistakes and heartbreaks, just as many joys and laughs and an inner wisdom to understand most of it. You can "see around the corners" of life. You can predict outcomes and try to make less stupid mistakes like the ones of your 20s and 30s. You have a minor crystal ball.
This is the time in your life to really know what you want, make changes (some likely drastic), and take less crap from the portion of life you no longer care about pleasing (ridiculous bosses and job, toxic people, etc.) Turning 40 gives you an edge to discover the you that you were really meant to be. It may have been a long climb, but ain't ya glad you're here?
Be a part of our new book project!

Calling all 39+ year old women to tell your story (the good, bad and the ugly) for a new book on turning the BIG 40! I'm particularly interested in those of you who take on aging gracefully with courage and humor.

Please be from 39 to 50, female only, any race, religion or lifestyle. Be geared toward aging well with the tools you have (whatever they may be for you) and sharing that information in an interview format.

The interview will be emailed or faxed to you (I'm working on completing one on-line). Your answers must be complete, hopefully candid and able to be published (your identity will be given with or without photo unless you request an anonymous post). Confidentiality will be strictly maintained. I am a published author and marketing consultant. This is my second book (see Top Sellers Tell at

I'm looking for stories that relate to:

aging -- Of course! Facing the 40s can elicit the craziest thoughts. Being well into your 40s brings such immense sense of self. Where are you (facing it or just leaving)? What are your thoughts about aging?

beauty & tips -- What helps you when you look in the mirror? How do you keep any remnant of a girlish glow? Any special tips for staying looking your best? Products, treatments, doctors, holistic gurus, etc. Whatever works for you, we wanna know.

career -- Are you well into your dream career or do you dream daily of running screaming into you boss's office to yell "I Quit!" and start your own jewelry business? Where are we now and what sustains us professionally that didn't work in our 30s?

sex -- Are we getting it? Is it getting better than ever or are those days long gone? Be as intimate as you like--prudes and vixens both have tales to tell.

health & fitness -- What do you do to stay healthy and fit? Vitamins, hormones, Pilates? What really works for you (truthfully, no one who has a life eats healthy daily and works out faithfully). Give us the skinny on how you keep your butt lifted, your arms from sagging, your sleep from nightseats/insomnia, your sanity! Couch potatoes who couldn't give a damn also sought...

family & children -- Are you just starting your family after years of career focus or did you have kids in your 20s and are looking forward to some well-deserved "you" time? Either way, family is likely taking on a new meaning for you now. Share with us...

new life -- Did you actually quit your job and start that dream business? Are you re-embarking on a passion you gave up years ago? Are you making BIG changes now that will affect your life for the next 20 years? Whether we're doing it or just daydreaming about it, you're not alone. We really do want to know!

40 & fabulous -- What really surprised you about turning 40? Of course we knew our skin would sag a bit, we'd gain a wiser edge and have a deeper appreciation for life (no, we finally realized, we are not invincible). What makes you smile about being "a little older now"?

Please join us and get your story published. Be an inspiration to other women out there!

So grab your favorite beverage, turn off your phone and take a few minutes for yourself!

To access the online interview questionnaire, visit:

I truly look forward to hearing from you!


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