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Since 2003, thousands of direct sales professionals worldwide are using the fast-track tools in the Direct Sales Power Series.
Here's what some of them have to say about our products...


Just a quick note to say it is easy to see how this system can work for any party plan consultant. Excellent array if ideas and tips to get anyone’s business off and running. I think one will have to recruit quickly to keep up with all the leads. Kaye S., Australia


So helpful in building my business! Denise W., Hartford, CT

I just LOVE the information in this book. What a great concept. I will be using it and referring to it often. Thanks! Sabrina W., Bonham, TX

The Guide is great it has gave me lots of great info. That I can use to grow my business and not be wasteing time and money on things that do not work. Shirley R., Southhaven, MS

I love the book...its gotten me a few new shows & tons of prospects...Thanks! Teri C., Glen Burnie, MD

I purchased the Boot Camp Success System less than a month ago. Already I have seen my bookings increase as well as recruiting leads. I love the 30 days to success Task Calender. For the first time, I have actually set some realistic goals and working towards those goals. I am taking my business to the next level. Thank you Karen! I am so glad I invested in the Boot Camp Success System. Rosalind C. Adgers
I just love the information in this book. What a great concept. I will be using it and referring to it often. Thanks!, Sabrina W. , Texas
I have been doing direct sales for about 5 months now. I do not know too many people so I took the advice from "Get Booked Solid". I have already used some of the ideas in the book and they are working! It gets more people in front of you that otherwise you may not have had the opportunity to meet. It has developed sales and leads for recruiting that ... I probably would not have had. THANK YOU for the excellent tips. Lori R., Maricopa, AZ

I like the ideas that are presented! I do believe I can put them to good use. Stepahnie K., Little Rock, AR

The Direct Sellers Guide offers real scenarios and useful information to lift any consultant to the next "level" of her career. Its one of my favorite resources for training, motivation, and tips. Christine S., Rochester, NY
What a fantastic business building tool! I recommend this to every new and established direct sales professional! Elian E., Six Mile, SC

The guide is great. An invaluable resource to todays direct marketing professional. Rob R., Weirton, WV
New to the direct sales industry, I devoured the information in your book from cover to cover. What a fantastic idea...! I now have several people that I can work with during evenings and weekends. Thank you so much. Lauren H., Scottsdale, AZ

Wow! Thank you so much for your fast and very helpful response!!! I am very pleased!! Christie S.

I loved the Guide's ideas so much I bought PUMP, too. Using just three of the ideas has brought me 12 new customers in the last month. I look forward to every issue! Jenna P., Seattle, WA
Thank you very much! I jus
t bought the DSG, read it and am totally inspired. Sincerely, Susan B., MI
I love the Direct Seller Guide... I am excited to do this more and more! It's a great idea and I really appreciated the step-by-step instructions... It is going to be a true win-win...! Thanks! Amy R., MO
I just want to thank you for the wonderful ideas contained in the DSG. It has taken a couple of months to get the ideas in place and working but just as a result of one idea, June was my busiest month ever! I always look forward to hearing new innovative ideas from your company. Thanks! Kristi B., Tucson, AZ

Super fast method. Thanks for the leads! P. Flaherty, Lakeville, MN

If I'd known this 6 years ago when I started selling my products, I cannot imagine where I'd be now--much richer, I'm sure! E. Swet, Sterling Hts., MI

"I started selling cosmetics for a well-known line, and after begging all my friends and family to hold parties, was simply out of ideas on how to increase my business...short of going door to door or running expensive ads. I ran across this guide and it changed my business practically in a matter of days! It is so simple and easy...and so much more fun! I just entered the upper management of my company due to my increased sales and customer base. All my Consultants want to know how I did it!" J. Goodale, Seattle, WA

This Guide has some great ideas! So simple. I am looking forward to using it! J. O'Rourke, Prescott, AZ

"I am not a salesperson, but I really wanted to do something for some extra income. My friend persuaded me to join a candle sales company. I love candles, but dread trying to get people to hold parties. This plan takes care of that! I have people calling me! I have sold twice as much this month than the last 6 months combined!"K. Swift, Phoenix, AZ

Quick delivery and an informative manual. A very creative system. Great! K. Nielson, Payson, UT

"Wow! Thank you so much for this concept and all the terrific ideas. This plan is laid out so anyone can follow it. It is SUPER EASY. I have more sales than I can handle right now. I'm actually thinking of hiring an assistant to take orders and deliver products! I think I'll actually earn over $150,000 this year." M. Laredo, Eastpointe, MI

I wasn't sure if this would work for me, but after just a couple of weeks my business completely took off. You have to do the work, but the results are so much more now! J. Lorange, Tampa, FL

"I have never had so much fun working my business! Thanks for the great plan and all the help! I expect to earn over $75,000 this year!"

Great product! Awesome information! Thanks! M. Sanders, Helotes, TX

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Love the (Boot Camp) calendar! This should really help me get off to a fantastic start!, Cindy F., MI

I love the main idea of the Direct Sales Guide. I think if put to good use it really could help you meet tons of new warm leads evey month. I can't wait to work the idea...!, Amy E., MI

I'm excited to get started with all the information I have learned from the Direct Seller Guide!, Stephanie R., CO

I truly believe this could help!, Gayle H., WA

I'm looking forward to the simple, tested strategies to build a
successful team. No more recreating the wheel! Karla S., IL

The Guide is great it has gave me lots of great info that I can use to grow my business and not be wasteing time and money on things that do not work. Shirley R., MS

Great tips!, Manolito S., CA
Great tips to Get Booked Solid!, Susie V.D, TX
I am excited about implementing some of the excellent ideas that I have found in the book! Denise W., MD
This is a wonderful tool. I will begin to use the information in my business immediately. Thanks alot for sharing such great information. Nicole B., TN
I am so excited to start trying this method. I think it will help with my business tremendously. Stephany F-O, Pearland, TX

I can't wait to get started with this program. I just know it will boost my confidence and my sales! Heidi C. Cincinnati, OH

I can't believe how simple this sounds! Can't wait to get started ... !! Heather F. Gridley, IL

Read all about GET BOOKED SOLID...

This is a great guide. I can't wait to put all the information to work! Tina B., Odessa, TX

A quick and easy read! Melissa S., Algonquin, IL
Together everyone achieves more! It is a forgetton principle remembered in the Direct Seller Guide! Tracey S., St. Francis, MN

It has helped me with my business in so many ways. I'm glad to have found it. Christine R., Ohio

DSG makes available a wealth of information at your fingertips. Maureen O., Texas

The ideas presented in your guide were a kick in the pants for me right when I needed them! I will be putting to use many of the ideas right away! Amber G., Missouri

I just recently finished reading the Direct Seller Guide and my mind really started turning... I'm looking forward to seeing how this new way of doing business is going to increase my business, as well as that of my direct sales friends. Dee G., Oklahoma

I could not believe the value of the information! Within days of reading the guide I founded The Colorado Connector. Not only has my personal business grown, but my network is increasing by leaps and bounds! THANK YOU! Rebekah W., Colorado

I'm delighted by all the positive feedback and help. Jackie O., New Jersey


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