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FACEBOOK article continued...
What about your profile? When people read your profile, do they go on to visit your site? If not, perhaps your profile needs some adjusting. It is the first contact people will have with you, so make it juicy, fun and a good "teaser" to get people to want more!

Get creative and experiment! There are several very subtle things you can do that maximize your exposure.

For instance, if you're a faux painter and want to know if there are people on Facebook who might be interested in your decorative painting services, search for home improvement groups. Investigate your regional network and the Marketing Services area. Get local and promote yourself in your regional area. Get involved with others in your area and their sites. Ask for referrals and offer to swap leads. Be friendly and courteous, not aggressive.

You can easily create a Facebook page, run an ad on the site, and your interest in others who may offer complementary services in your area will naturally bring up the options of lead swapping or offering referrals.

Facebook can help act as an ice breaker, opening up an intial contact between you and someone you feel may be an asset to your business or to someone you wish to connect with as a prospect. The bottom line is, don't just write someone and tell them you want to sell them something; relate on a personal or business level and open your services to them. As a professional you'll know if you can take it further or not based on their level of interest.

Setting up a profile on Facebook is simple and quick. You can make it basic or spend hours posting photos and information. The latter may get you more customers and interest, but you have to decide if the time spent is actually paying off--or is it just a fun way to distract yourself from actual money-making activities (like obtaining bookings, sending out ezines, or calling customers for re-orders)?

Spend a little time with it and you can make the decision if it will be a star in your business line-up, or just a bit player.

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