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Direct Sales: Sell More Today!

Direct Sales Blaster

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Direct Sales Blaster
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Written specifically for the direct sales professional who

wants to build a strong, solid team fast.


Moehr & Associates is the publisher/seller of this item.



Direct Sales Business Blaster

Complete guide to build your business fast!



         Book like crazy!


         Build a $100,000 a year team!


         Build a powerful, solid customer base.


         Leave your competitors breathless…how does she do it?


You started with your business because you love your products and services. You’ve had a few sales events or parties and know you can make this a killer business.


You’ve decided you want to build it into a solid, consistent sales machine, but you still want freedom, low-overhead and the ability to call the shots.


In Direct Sales Blast we will give you the tools to get from earning maybe a few hundred dollars per month to earning over $5 or $10,000 every single month. Others do it, why can’t you?



All this without:


         Spending lots on advertising

         Going door-to-door (or anything similar)

         Dealing with strangers

         Begging friends to hold parties

         Buying tons of inventory without having the buyers

         Brow-beating possible recruits

         Having parties where no one shows up, etc.



We promise our Direct Sales Blaster will give you the following information:


                                 How to get more leads than you can handle

                                 How to develop an intense booking program…without
picking up the phone

                                 What to say to book your next show now

                                 How to recruit a solid team

                                 How to develop a referral rainstorm

                                 How to provide knock-your-socks-off service

                                 How to treat your hostess for incredible success

                                 How to book, book, book

                                 What to do weekly for incredible results in 30 days

                                 What to do to double your profits immediately

                                 What to give out with every sample to make people  
            buy only 
from you

                                 How to build a mailing list that returns money in your 

                                 How to present your product at parties to increase your

                                 Earn $5-10,000 a month in direct sales

                                 How to turn that into a million dollar business

                                 How to overcome fear of selling


And more...


What to offer customers one time to keep selling them products without ever talking to them again!


How to use the internet to sell more products without charging your customers shipping!


How to use the internet to get tons of leads, sales and recruits


How to create a powerful but simple system for attracting prospects, selling, return business, double amount of each sale


What one thing to do to create platinum service.


Direct Sales Business Blaster will lay out a plan to help you
develop a solid, profitable direct sales business.




 Direct Sales Business Blaster is an ebook (.pdf).


Item will be sent to email address given during payment process. Allow up to 24 hours for receipt.


  Document is 51 pages. 

Introductory price ... just $9.99
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Delivered to your email within 24 hours of payment.

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Direct Sales Business Blaster just $9.99
No shipping fee! Item is a .pdf file (e-book).
E-book will be delivered to email address given during order process.

Direct Sales Business Blaster
Introductory price ... just $9.99

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