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Direct Sales Boot Camp Free Ship Offer


Special for ACHIEVERS Only!
Expires on November 24, 2009


Direct Sales Boot Camp
Success Sytem!


Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System


Get the your own success system!
Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System



 CDs 3 full cds of audio and video training!
PLUS...The entire program to download onto your computer
PRINT A HUGE Boot Camp System binder with our powerful books and the entire system in print--4 books in all!

Access to additional audio training files
exclusive to the Boot Camp (On the enclosed CD.)

VIDEO Get exclusive access to training videos explaining
how to get started and going over the tasks and what to do. (On the enclosed CD or watch online!)

It's the most comprehensive system we know of to
help party plan and direct sales pros build a rock solid
business in the fastest way possible.

Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System!

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Get the Boot Camp...SPECIAL OFFER!
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