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Direct Sales Boot Camp
Success System
Digital program! Fast access!


Fast access! No shipping! Complete program online!




Get full access to the  HUGE Boot Camp System which includes over 350 pages (4 books) of power-packed tips, techniques and steps to follow for faster success! Also, receive our unique 30-Day Success Calendar.

Access to additional audio training files exclusive to the Boot Camp...Learn step-by-step with these easy audios (listen online or download the MP3s)

VIDEO Get exclusive access to training videos explaining how to get started and going over the tasks and what to do.

It's the most comprehensive system we know of to help party plan and direct sales pros build a rock solid business in the fastest way possible.

Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System!

1 Month One:

Direct Sales Boot CampDIRECT SALES BOOT CAMP SUCCESS SYSTEM program manual: Explains the system and how to use it
 30 Day Success Calendar--This proprietary Calendar sets you up for your first month of success!
Audio and Video Training Access
100+ SURVEYED Leads to start building your business! (see below)
2 Month Two:

Direct Sales Guide: GET BOOKED SOLID GET BOOKED SOLID Leads program: Triple your leads, sales and recruits with this simple, fast-acting program
Audio Training Series: 7 Audios to help you GET BOOKED SOLID

3 Month Three:
GROW BIG!GROW BIG 60+ Ideas for Party Plan Profits: Packed full of unique and fun marketing just for party plan businesses

Direct Sales Business Marketing SuccessFUN Party Plan Marketing Guide: A companion guide to building a $100,000 a year business in direct sales


4 Month Four:


Over 200 leads ready and willing to join your home business! These leads have been asked questions and are ready to jump at the right option for them. You'll get name, email, age, income, opportunity desired, etc.




MONTHLY-- Just $27 a month! Cancel anytime!

$27.00 per month  





Credit Cards/PAYPAL accepted ... $99.99

MONTHLY PROGRAM will be billed monthly for four (4) months. You may cancel at any time. Refunds will only be given within 20 days of the first payment. You must notify us via email if you are requesting a refund. This must be done within 20 days of the approval of your order.

The DIRECT SALES BOOT CAMP is an English-language DIGITAL/ONLINE ebook, audio and video program. 
Upon your completed APPROVED transaction, you will be directed to the ACCESS site where you will receive the complete Direct Sales Boot Camp online program. This may take a few moments or a few hours. Please let us know if you have not received your access links within 24 hours.
If, for some reason, you are not immediately directed to the site, don't panic. This does happen sometimes. Please notify us and we will send you the complete Direct Sales Boot Camp online access program.
Email us at: BOOT CAMP HELP  Please include your transaction number and full name and we will verify your order and send your items as promptly as possible. Thank you!
*U.S. Customers Only. International customers will receive digital access only.

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