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Fast Track Tools



As consultants and coaches we offer unique and targeted marketing and coaching services to our clients.

Our clients are those who really want to succeed. They have motivation, desire and the dream. We just supply the roadmap.

In addition to our usual consulting/coaching, we also offer several targeted Guides for the direct sales industry. These are intense programs for getting more leads, sales and recruits than ever before.

These programs do NOT involve:

  • Cold calling
  • Internet
  • Placing Ads
  • Direct Mailings
  • Spending large sums of money, etc.

"You have the most unique tools and ideas!
I am really excited about using them for my business!"
A.Budleski, Hamtramck, MI

More leads, sales, recruits!
Boot camp is your way to success!

My income has tripled in the last year. I use all of these tools for my business. I love the coaching. It really got me on the right track!
J.Boyd, Arlington, TX

"Finally! Something to help me get moving. I think your services are great!" M. Connolly, Cincinnati, OH
"I really didn't think it would help so much but I am so far ahead of where I would have been without it!"
S. Smith, Wichita, KS

Direct Seller Bootcamp

moehr & associates...coaching for stellar success!