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Hopefully these FAQs will answer some of your questions. If not, please feel free to email us!

I've heard of business coaching. How are you different?
We are offering you the opportunity to coach yourself in addition to having our expertise to help you. You have a business, we coach you for success and profitibility. Our coaching is primarily geared toward small businesses and the direct sales industry.

I'm interested in the Direct Seller Bootcamp. How can I achieve success in just 30 days?
Seriously, you will almost certainly not reach your pinnacle of success in just 30 days! Success is a daily journey. Have you ever heard the saying "Do something for your business every day and you will be successful."? This is the mindset you need to have.

Our program will help you clear through the obstacles--physical and mental--to get you turned in the direction of making some serious headway in your business.

If you have been half-heartedly working, or working hard, but not working correctly, we can identify the troubles and help you make strides. One month is just the start. It the solid concrete foundation on which you build your dream.

For 30 days you should follow our calendar tasks, make the commitment and define your goals. The next 30 days will be follow-up tasks and adding (or changing) to what you have started. If you are consistent, your business will be poised to be dramatically different. It may take 90 days or 6-months depending upon your efforts, but laying a 30-day foundation for growth will give you solid results.

Honestly, I'm doing pretty well in my business but I cannot seem to get past where I am now. Can you help me?
Of course! If you are working as a serious business person you likely have many systems in place that are working. However, to get to the next level (and the next) you may need some new ideas, a sounding board, a personal "board of directors" in which to provide you with solid direction for more growth. That's what we do. In addition to our marketing guides, newsletters and calendars, we give you personal consultation to help clarify, define and offer suggestions.

I am already a customer. I have the Direct Seller Guide and/or PUMP. Can I get the Bootcamp at a reduced price?
Absolutely. If you are already user of one of our publications, you will receive the Bootcamp program for just $39.99. Please see our ordering page for details.

(Note: The Bootcamp is not for sale independently. It is designed to be used with our programs. However it offers additional information not contained within our other programs.)

This sounds great, but I just want to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month. I don't want to be a top leader or have a team of thousands.
Everybody has a different vision of success for themselves. Just because your goal is not as large and is may be more quickly achievable, doesn't mean it isn't a goal that needs to be worked toward consistently. If you would like to be earning those few extra hundred a month more quickly and have more focus, then we can help.

Coaching seems like it would take a lot of time and effort. Coaching is a field that has earned its place among the top businesses in the world. From mentoring to educating, nearly every professional can use some coaching. It not only defines your goals, but recommends tried and true ways to make them attainable. It works within your lifestyle to help you achieve success rationally and in a way that is most enjoyable for you.

Our unique Bootcamp personal coaching service is different: You can work completey on your own or use our consultation service for addtional assistance. We offer all the tools you need to coach yourself plus we offer consultations in case you need additional assistance.

I don't have big budget right now. How can I be sure this will work? Can I get my money back?
There are no guarantees that you will be successful if you don't consistently work your plan. This program is a "brass tacks" type of program. We don't sit and chat about the weather. We get busy and get down to business. It doesn't take hours and hours every day. It just takes the right commitment.

The tasks are simple. The manuals are straight-forward and easy-to-understand. The tasks take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending upon what is required, etc. You can do them in whatever schedule works for you. However, they key word is: DO! As the old adage goes...just do it.

We have worked with hundreds of sellers in the past. Some are extremely motivated and see possibilities beyond what we give them. Others want a "magic wand" to wave to make customers ring their doorbell without extending any effort. These are the ones who consistently complain about how they cannot make their business work.

If you are serious, motivated, open to new ideas and can devote a few hours a week to your business consistently, we can help you. If you are not, please do not read any further.

Our programs are proven to work if you work them. However, if after 30 days you feel the program has not worked properly for you we will offer an additional 60 days of personalized coaching. You have the option of using it, or not. You will already have the other marketing tools to use, or not, as you wish.

If, in 90 days, you are absolutely convinced this has been a total waste of your time and money, we will issue a full refund.

OK, I understand most of it but what type of tasks do you want me to complete?
The tasks vary. They will range from setting up a referral program for your customers to working sales events/parties you have set up. Most tasks are done from your office (wherever it may be). To start, w
e will lay the groundwork for getting you pointed in the right direction.

As you work through your calendar and materials, you will have the option to email us as frequently as you like. We try to respond to all emails within 48 hours (excluding weekends).

I am seriously considering this. What kind of results can I really expect?
What kind of effort are you willing to make? If you honestly commit to this program for just 30 days, do the work it takes and put forth at least a couple hours of effort each day (4 days a week), you will absolutely, positively see results. They may be small, they may be huge, but they will exist. We will guarantee it.

Honestly, I think this sounds good, but I'm a little worried. What are you going to ask me to do?

The tasks will vary from writing simple emails or letters to stocking inventory to working sales parties, etc. We offer simple tasks, unique approaches and a concise calendar to follow to complete them. We do not suggest you make cold-calls, work expensive trade shows, place high-priced ads, etc.

If you are like so many others, you have started your business (likely from home), purchased some inventory and business supplies, had a little success, a lot of enthusiasm and a dream to make it really pay off.

You may feel pressure to succeed and to make "real" money. You feel like maybe this business isn't for you. You have run out of new leads, will absolutely NOT make cold calls and have hit up your friends and family so many times you almost feel guilty.

This isn't the way you are supposed to feel when running your business and trying to make your dreams come true. You will have bad days, obstacles, great days, smooth sailing. You cannot get away from's the nature of running a business.

Apart from that, you need a plan. You need a map to follow as you travel the road. This sounds cliche...but with good reason. It is true. You need support, understanding, a program, a plan, ideas, a sounding board, and more. A lot of things in one package to make this work for you.

We are not going to ask you to do anything that is highly uncomfortable. Some of our ideas may be new to you. You need to spread your wings a bit to grow, however we do not believe in asking you to do things that scare you to the point of wanting to hide. If tasks are too scary, you won't do them, simple as that. And what's the point?

Simple tasks take just a few hours a week.

You may need to expand you way of thinking to allow for new ideas, try new things, develop things you currently have that work. This is all we ask of you.

We do not dictate how you run your business or tell you how to do things or what you must do. We provide the outline, the support, the friendly partner to whom you can talk to honestly and openly. You decide what will work for you, what you want to use, etc.



Direct Seller Bootcamp
has been designed to help you define your goals and dreams, put together an easy-to-follow program to achieve them and offer marketing tools for growth, expansion and development without cold-calling, expensive advertising, etc.

For just $2.67 a day, you can have a personal marketing and coaching program that works for you and finally helps you get the results you need and want.


Do you really want to make more money than in
the last 2 years COMBINED?

Do you really want a business...or just a dream?

Are you ready to get busy?

In two months you can be where you are now...or running a profitable, exciting business by just doing simple daily tasks that are already given to you.

All you do is follow the formula!

Get The Bootcamp!

A portion of our annual proceeds benefits:

moehr & associates...coaching for stellar success!

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