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Direct Seller Guide FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)
What is the difference between the Direct Seller Guide (DSG) and your full Boot Camp program? Do I need both?
DSG is our original intense marketing program written and tailored specifically for direct sellers. It is a 90-plus page Guide that takes you step-by-step to incorporate the powerful and underused marketing ideas into your business quickly and easily. And as promised, it does not require cold-calling, placing ads, the internet, etc.
Direct Sales Boot Camp is a targeted program for direct sellers who want to incorporate the most powerful ideas of all our books and guides into their business. This will give you the opportunity to access innovative ideas for maximum growth in the shortest amount of time.
It includes:
-The Direct Seller Guide: Get Booked Solid!
-PUMP News Guides
-30-Days to Success Calendar
-Boot Camp Business Marketing Manual
-Direct Sales Business Blaster
PUMP contains more marketing ideas--some incorporating the DSG principles and some which are independent. It is for the seller who really wants to take their business to the next level even faster. The personalized email consultation is available for any of your questions, concerns, problems or tailoring of the ideas. We will also offer some additional assistance for general business growth--basic business strategies that many direct sellers do not even do!
We strongly suggest that if you are going to use use all. They are written and developed to be twice as effective when used together.
About us...
Moehr & Associates are experienced marketing specialists. With over 15 years experience in business-to-business marketing, we identified a need in the direct sales industry. Our services tailored specifically for direct sellers are unique, dedicated and driven to giving those who choose direct sales as their career path (full or part-time) the most effective and innovative marketing support possible.
We are sincere about assisting you with growing your business and understand many of the pitfalls as well as triumphs you may encounter in direct sales. It is a wonderful industry--however it is often an isolating and scary career path.
You receive your kit, your materials, some training...and then you're set to go. Or are you? Many in direct sales find they can use the extra marketing support, ideas, and energies Moehr & Associates offers as marketing professionals. In tandem with your products, services and team efforts, our marketing systems can help your business explode.
The choice is yours. We wish you much success in the path you have chosen!
**Moehr & Associates does not rent, sell or distribute customer information. All purchases are secure and confidential.**


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