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Dear Moehr & Associates:

Thank you for your generous contribution to the United Way Hurricane Katrina Response Fund.

As you know, the hurricane has had devastating effects. United Way has been quick to respond. Last week, Brian Gallagher, President & CEO, visited many of the affected areas. He also met with President Bush and a small number of other relief organizations dedicated to renewing local communities. One of our signature initiatives, 2-1-1, a number for people to call to give and get help, is being implemented throughout the region.

Your support is crucial in helping people recover from Hurricane Katrina. Donated funds will be directed through local United Ways in the affected communities to meet the most serious identified needs including housing, healthcare, education programs, job training and community assistance. It will help coordinate social services and support, expand 2-1-1 as a central number for people to call to give and receive help, and rebuild and heal the human infrastructure. In short, your gift, along with those of other generous individuals, corporations and organizations, will rebuild the future of the thousands of displaced Americans.

Once again, thank you for your generosity.

James van der Klok
Vice President

PS: United Way of America would like to keep you informed about how your gift is being used to support communities that have opened their hearts and homes to those displaced by Hurricane Katrina and provide long-term recovery and rebuilding to the devastated areas. If you do not wish to receive future communications please