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Party Plan Marketing Tips

Party plan tips, home party techniques and
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Party Plan Marketing News

Submitted by Shelly S. 
Party Plan How-Tos
Part One
1. Choose a company you LOVE--not the one your best friend joined, not the one that approached you and made you promises--the one you LOVE. You must research it and it's background (is it stable and able to be with you as you grow?) It should have products you absolutely believe in and want to promote, not just those you think will sell easily. If you are to succeed you must have a passion for the business and opportunity you choose.

One seller's story:
I joined party plan selling in 1999. I had read an article about a particular skincare and cosmetics company in a business magazine. It had a picture of the woman who helped run the company. She was standing in the lab where they manufactured the products. I love skincare and makeup so the article attracted me and I read it thoroughly.
I was jazzed to read that "Directors" of the particular company earned $40,000 and up every year and some earned $250,000 or more! I thought "I can do that" and I found a rep in my local phone book and made an appointment to sign up. I now know that this is rare as most new recruits are brought in from parties or someone they know.
After I signed up I learned about the company, got my kit and attended some training. My recruiter was really nice, but truly she didn't know what to tell me in order to market my business. She relied on the old  "circle of influence" sheets the company gave out and encouraged us to use to get bookings. This didn't help me because I was new in the city and knew very few people.
I started to flounder. After I held a couple of parties I wondered how I'd get new ones and pretty soon I quit promoting the company altogether and I just stayed active to get my own products at wholesale.
Plus, the people that headed the company didn't seem to understand the products or what the public wanted. They put out videos that urged us to sell, sell and and heap on the inventory, but never how to market outselves. I didn't get the feeling they were "clued in" and started feeling like a tiny spoke in their big profitable wheel. I got disillusioned and gave up.

If I'd had a true marketing program and plan to follow I would have had more tools for making it. I needed a system, but my recruiter didn't understand marketing anymore than I did. I wondered if I had chosen the right company. I liked the products, but they seemed to be promoted by people who didn't care about its team. In addition, a couple years after joining, they reduced my wholesale rate so unless I made HUGE orders, I didn't save much. My recruiter didn't understand how to train me to market myself and I didn't feel like I'd ever make it.
I stayed with that company for awhile, but then dropped out and searched for other opportunities. The point of my story is that I got attracted by the magazine article and signed up without understanding who was running the company or how well they took care of their associates. I didn't investigate the best recruiter either; I just signed up with the first one I could find. Maybe another would have worked harder with me or had some unique marketing methods.
Long story...the bottom line is that I fell in love with skincare and got my license to do facials and provide skincare at a top salon. I do constant marketing and promotions for my business and I know what it takes to succeed.  If I'd known all I know now, I would have chosen more wisely and invested in training myself to market my business better!



Tony Robbins, the famous life coach says,
“The past does not equal the future







What does your future hold?

This sounds like a credo for direct sellers:
Helping people by supplying great products
and services plus offering opportunities for them to
achieve new dreams and goals.
It sounds like a win-win why can it be so tough for some to succeed?
The simple answer is just lack of motivation. Some people dream big. They talk the talk. And that's where it ends. They say "someday" or "when I have more (time, money, energy, etc.). With all of life's demands, it's completely understandable. But it's not very inspiring.
Inspired people who add action are the ones
you see in your monthly success magazines.
They are the ones earning hundreds of thousands per year. They are the ones who don't think "This won't work for me," "This is too hard," "Direct sales is a scam," etc., etc. And for those who do think that way, it won't work.
It's really hard to book parties when you just don't know anyone else to ask. It's frustrating to work at recruiting when everyone says no. It's terrifying (to some) to pick up the phone to call people for re-orders, referrals, etc.
Succeeding in direct sales is similar to this scenario: You want to get in shape. You are going to consistently work out. But, if it's just you going the gym, it's easier to let yourself off the hook. However, when you have friend there waiting for you, expecting you to show up like she has, then it's easier to follow through and complete your goal. (Unless you both decide to forget it and go have ice cream instead!)
Success in other areas is no different. Find a friend or associate in the same boat you are in. Set goals together, develop leads programs and keep each other motivated. If you have someone depending upon you, you'll do it. And doing is what makes dreams really come true.
By using the Direct Sales Guide, the Direct Sales Boot Camp program, or the Success Team MasterMind, you can get started in this direction. The principles in these marketing tools are not difficult, expensive or untested. They work if you work with them.

Success in 30 Days!

Home Sales Party Booking Tips
Here's a few ways to get more bookings:

+People moving to your town--Get a list of new residents (try Welcome Wagon or similar organizations) or realtors. People moving to a new area usually need a new rep for products/services they've left behind!

+Open your newspaper's Business Section. Many communities have sections where they publish those who have been promoted, joined a company, etc. Select the prospects for your services and mail them a congratulatory card plus a special certificate offer.

+Publish a local referral directory of good restaurants, shops, etc. Get local recommendations and reviews from those whom you know and trust. Be sure to advertise your business a few times within each copy. Distribute it to those businesses who are included for their patrons (Read more about this in PUMP).

+Use the Direct Sales Guide: GET BOOKED SOLID! It has great ideas to help develop leads without cold-calling! 

For even more intense marketing power, add the Success Team MasterMind or go for stellar success with the Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System!


Party Plan Leads, Party Plan Ideas

Sales growth stunter:
What to do when some weeks feel like a lost cause.

Did you know that that one of the first auditions Fred Astaire went to resulted in the producer in noting this: "Can't sing, not much to look at, can dance a little."? He obviously kept pursuing his dream, working hard and utimately achieving success.

Ever have a week that feels like everything you touch isn't working? Problems abound, yet you keep plugging forward knowing that if you just keep going, things will turn around.

Sales is a career that is plagued with ups and downs. But then, generally, so is life. You try new things, try different things, re-work old things that seem to work and continue doing what you know does work. Sometimes it's frustrating, sometimes it's exhilarating.

Motivation and a positive attitude are difficult to keep when things seem to spiraling downward. Some weeks, nothing seems to work right. It's really important to look past this, and keep plugging along.

JOURNAL to the rescue: A great way to keep yourself from sinking in a pool of self-doubt and quitting, is to keep a journal of success. It doesn't have to be a big ordeal, just a notebook where you jot down successes--no matter how large. When you have a great sales event, or get a new referral who turns into a great customer, or get nice feedback from someone write it in the journal.

Toss these into the book as they happen. Pull it out when you really need to pick yourself up. It will remind you that "Tomorrow is another day." You will get past your slump, your fatigue, your lack of new ideas.

Another tip is to develop a small network of friends, relatives or other sellers. Put together an email "network" where you can divulge successes, rant, vent and share ideas. It sure does help when you have a group of others who are there for you when you need to celebrate and when you need to commiserate.


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