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Party Plan Marketing Bundle

WAHM Bookings, Direct Sales Tips
Direct Sales Marketing Leads

Party Plan Business Breakthrough!



Special discount duo BUNDLE offer for ACHIEVERS only!

If you're looking for unique, fun and innovative ways to:
-Get leads and build your list
-Book parties and get a fully-booked calendar
-Market your business and stand out from your competition
-Have more fun and build profits
-Double your income in just 30 days
-Recruit a big, productive team faster
You'll love both of these programs! They include both audio and digital downloads to help you learn how to boost your business on your own schedule!
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Party Plan Business Breakthrough +
  Party Plan Power Booster                   ... $59.99
($129.99 value / SAVE $70.00) 

**As a customer of the Party Plan Business Breakthrough, you will receive the exclusive opportunity to become a Party Plan Star Success Coach Trainer at the end of the program.**

Party Plan Business Breakthrough Special Program Bundle ... $59.99

Party Plan Business Breakthrough SPECIAL bundle... $59.99

 The Party Plan Profit Booster is an audio/digital download series. You will receive access to the entire series upon payment. A link will be sent to your email.
 The Party Plan Business Breakthrough is a 6-part training course available in audio/digital workbook download format.

You will receive access to all current links and join the program.

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Party Plan Star

Learn more about the Party Plan Star opportunity