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Extra - Ordinary Prospecting - Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Prospecting is like a game of tennis, it is full of strategy if you know what you are looking out for. A good tennis player knows exactly the next possible moves his opponent will take. So is the same with prospecting. A professional sales person when calling over the phone, Never Assumes. It could be the CEO or his or her spouse or partner. You can never tell.

In my early days of Sales I made some massive mistakes in regards to assuming. One of the worst ones that I will admit to (but don't tell anyone) I was working in the UK. I thought a potential female buyer was pregnant when actually she was just overweight. I asked her, "When are you expecting". She looked at me a little strange. My saving grace was my quick thinking. I answered her, "When are you expecting to go back to the States".

To this day I still don't know whether or not I got away with it. I didn't receive a slap so that is always a winner. She just kept talking and said when she was returning back home. Do yourself a favour quickly, never assume! You can blow so many sales on just one little assumptive comment. The only time you should assume is when you are using it as a tool to say gain a commitment when you are closing.

One of the biggest annoying mistakes you can make is not confirming all the important details like the address and contact details. Get as much info here as you can because there is nothing more frustrating when you get lost or are running late, not having the right contact numbers.

Also, it is very important that you spell their name right. I think you would agree that when someone spells your name, it is nice when you don't have to correct them. It is also nice when you know how to pronounce those difficult names. Check if you have the pronunciation right. It is wise to check it all at the start, so you have it right the first time.

Always try to leave the conversation with trivia. This sets you up for the next time you call so you have something to talk about to quickly build rapport with them. If it is Friday, ask them if they have a busy weekend. Then ask them if you have to call back Monday if the weekend ended well and did they get to that concert or get to go away like they where planning.

You also need to have an idea where the next ball is coming from potentially. when you have a lot of potential sales appointments booked You must keep prospecting. Sales and business are very finicky, one week you can have a full diary of potential buyer appointments and the next none at all. The only way to keep those appointments and sales coming, is to continue in daily prospecting and not letting up until you get the appointments for the day.

Build a $100,000 a Year Business!

The Secret Ingredient of Success in Network Marketing

I am always surprised that people get into Network Marketing without having any idea of how to market their products. I know that most of those people were told that they would be provided with great training and tools but the reality for most people is that the system can't take them to financial freedom without them developing a skill set. And that starts with an understanding of marketing and people.

You can learn a lot if you just watch commercials for a while. Companies advertise basically the same way that they have since television was invented. Some compare their products with competitors, some scare you into thinking you need that product for protection; health, safety or financial. Some just try to make their product look as good as possible so you will want to try it for yourself. And these are just a few examples of how advertising works. They may approach it in different ways but they all want you to see the value of their product. If you are a network marketer then that is your job too; to get your potential customer or recruit to see the value of what you have to offer.

But here's the catch for most people; they can buy leads, they can get people started, its retention that is the challenge for most network marketing businesses. That's where a skill set comes in. I have seen so many people fail because they have no idea of how to balance their front line business and their downline at the same time. When attention is placed on one over the other, one will suffer and usually so will the other. If you let your business languish while you are working with your people, neither of you will have a good month. If you focus on your business while your people are waiting on you, they are gone.

The secret here is one your upline won't ever tell you; don't bring in more than you can train every month. Yes, I know there are people out there telling you they can show you how to bring in dozens a week-or more-and they would tell you it's a numbers game. I would say while it is a numbers game those numbers are people. And they are people just like you, they have dreams and goals and if they sign on with you they trust you to show them the way not to sign them up and move on. Get them good results by teaching them what you do step by step until they can do what you do.

Yes, I know that there are many more aspects that I could cover here but this is the basic that a lot of people miss.

I have been a business owner for over 21 years in traditional and home based businesses and have succeeded in both fields. I have coached other business owners for years now with the same information that I have applied to my own businesses.

For additional personal tpis email me at jpfmkting@gmail.comArticle Source:

Do you have the right expectations?

Network marketing has an extraordinarily high failure rate. There are many contributory factors to this, but one factor which must never be overlooked is that people come into the business with ridiculous false expectations.

They have swallowed the hype. They genuinely believe that they have to do is recruit a handful of people, who will each go out and recruit a handful of people themselves, and in the end everyone will become rich through the efforts of other people. The real world, of course, is oh so very different.

Of course, when things don't work out according to the hype, these people are looking for something to blame. Sometimes they blame themselves, but far more often they either blame the company, or they simply blame the whole industry of network marketing.

Had they been educated properly in the first place as to the realistic expectations within this industry, all of this bad feeling could have been avoided.

Realistically, a network marketing business is not going to pay off to any large degree for at least three to five years. If you are not prepared to invest time now for a potential reward in the future, then network marketing is not likely to work out for you.

When someone first joins a network marketing opportunity, they will have to accept that for the first few months and possibly the first couple of years, they are going to have an income well below what their work would suggest. This is work which is invested in the future, and if you can live with this, you can reap great rewards later on when the residual income starts to come in, and you are earning far more money than the amount of work you put in would justify.

Scott Geertsen Is An Expert Internet Marketer Who Has Teamed Up With The Industry's Very Best To Teach Other Network Marketers How To Use Cutting Edge Technology To Generate Huge Profits and Endless Leads In Their Business At:

 8 SIMPLE ideas to grow your business:
Get on the Internet. The internet is great isn't it? It has allowed the small biz owners to reach a potentially huge market and serve their customers 24/7. It has allowed your to market your services worldwide very inexpensively. PLUS: It can make your business seem as big as corporate giants. A well-designed web site can put you on the playing field with the big boys.
2. Design top-level correspondence. Do not be lead to using cheap, print-out business cards and letterhead. Invest in some good design and have them professionally printed. They don't need to be expensive. Use one-color effectively: Have your accent color screened in different depths to creat the illusion of more than one color.
3. Social? Participate in local business organizations. Dig into these groups as possible rich sources of leads, mentors, support and more. If you work from home, you may find yourself "holed up" for days at a time. They are a great excuse to get out and meet some other business pros! 

4. Cross promote and sell, sell, sell! Savvy sellers know this technique. Join our leads exchange, read PUMP for many uses of this idea or get the Direct Sellers Guide to get booked solid.

5. Trade services with another local service. You may not be selling your products, but if you provide excellent service, they will provide referrals...a rich source of great sales.

6. Search out cheap advertising: Read our section on press releases and then get busy! PR (public relations) can get you some of the best FREE advertising you'll ever get.

7. Donate to a local charity...tell everyone. This is a great way to give to a worthy cause and increase your business. Be sure your donation is accompanied by your card. Be sure to market the fact that you donate to a certain charity.

8. What are you great at doing? Arrange some local speaking engagements on your topic of choice. Yes, public speaking is scary, but even just a short talk can put you in front of many more prospects in a short time. Think about it.

 SIMPLE Release Writing Tips:
  • Be sure to write a local angle in your title and lead paragraph. This means keep it something that people in your local area will be able to identify with in your article. If you live in Pottsville, keep it about someone/something in Pottsville or the local larger town.
  • Tell your readers what's in it for them. If they take the time to read the article, what do they get for their time? Give them relevant information, make it concise and informative and make them want to call you!
  • Keep it short and simple. Enough said.
  • Know the publications where you are submitting. Don't submit what doesn't fit in them. Take the time to actually read the publications to be sure your type of article will fit. It saves time...and trouble for both of you.
  • Don't write "one size fits all" stories. Tailor them for specific publications. Don't be too general. Keep them full of details that will target your particular audience. For instance, if you are writing about fish: what kind, what's unique about them, why does your reader care?
  • Don't bury your key information--keep it prominent. Don't overwrite! Always put your key information in the top half of your article. Don't make your reader work too hard to get at the important stuff.


Writing a Good and Effective Free Report

A few days ago a great question popped into my inbox, so today let's get to the nitty gritty of it!

"I was just wondering if you could discuss free reports in some of your outgoing email? As far as what to write in our free report, how long it should be. I know that having a good free report can be used to recruit new prospects to my business."


My Response:

Dre, this is a great question and your instincts are correct in that a free report can be a very powerful tool to help in your recruiting efforts, so let's get to the details. The most important part of your free report is to know what your prospects want to know about, and from there the rest gets easy. You can spin your wheels all day trying to come up with something that may or may not do your justice in your recruiting efforts if you try to come up with the idea in your head.

So what do you if you don't look in your head for ideas to write free reports?

You look around the net to see what network marketers are searching for.

You look to see what type of products they are buying.

You look to see what type of questions they are asking repeatedly in network marketing forums.

You see what type of article in the most popular article directories online they are reading.

So in a word you start it with research.

From there, if you've done your research you will see trends that occur, questions that keep coming up, topics and themes that get discussed over and over again. There is a reason for this.

It's because these are the "Evergreen" topics that keep coming up, and so for your report to be highly effective you should address the most common topics of discussion.

By doing this you will create value for the reader and earn their credibility. Next you need a format.

The format I would suggest is the good old problem, agitate, solve formula. That is - your bring up the biggest problems that you see your prospects have. Then agitate them by discussing the implications of the initial problems and other problems that will support and make the original problem even worse.

Now when your prospects are feeling like there is no hope you allude to the idea that there may be a solution that could solve it all, and whatever that solution is it's got to be simple and effective.

So you describe the solution to the problems that you've brought in a basic sense.

I'll stop here to make an important point . . . Before you ever start writing your free report you have to know what your most wanted response for your readers will be.

Do you want them to call you?

Do you want them to go to a website?

Do you want them fill out a form?

Do you want them the call your companies opportunity line? Whatever it is, you have to know this before you write your report because it will be important at the end.

After you've given them the basics on how to solve the problems you've presented them with they are going to naturally want more, and this is where knowing what your most wanted response comes in.

That is where you send them to get more information. If it's a report to build your credibility as a sponsor then here is general format you should follow: Headline: "How To Do X In Y Amount Of Time" (Just an example to keep things simple.)


Let them get to know you, who you are and what you do. Let them know that you are a real person.


5 to 7 that your prospect should be concerned about.


A basic explanation of a simple but effective solution to all their problems.


How to get the rest of the story - This is where you add what you want them to do.

Additional Credibility:

If you have testimonials or credibility boosting material this is where it should go.

That should just about do it!

But, let me clue in on something I didn't know and that held me back for some time. When you look around the internet and you see great sales letters or free reports that are doing there job well you will tend to think it works because of some type of copywriting magic. So you'll think that you'll never get results unless you become a master writer and thus never attempt the task because it seems too large and there are too many variables to handle.

The truth is this is not the case, all that good reports & good sale letters do is speak to the market in a tone that the prospects understand and identify with and hits the nail on the head in terms of message to market match. What this means to you is even if you're just starting it will be read and it will be effective even if you're not some master.

In other words it's not magic to get your stuff read. Curiosity and desire on the side of your prospects will take care of that. The defining points that will determine your reports effectiveness is how well you find the topics that your prospects are really having a problem with.

And how strong you are in your stance for what you think they should do next for your most wanted response.

You can't get wimpy and say things like . . .

"If you'd like more information please give me a call or email be blah blah blah"

Because it's just wimpy and vague.

Take a stand!

Say something like . .

"If you want to completely change your life and finally live the lifestyle you've dreamed of through network marketing you need to pick up the phone right now and call XYZ, do not hesitate, do not wait, you know that the time is now, it's your time, call XYZ now!"

You see the difference?

Two final notes . . .

If the purpose of your report is to build a relationship with your prospects and audio report may be better.

In that case they can not only get the information, but they will get it from you through your voice, and so when they do speak to you in person it's like they already know you. Finally if you're having trouble with writing your free report just find a report you like from outside of the network marketing industry and use it as a template when writing yours.

The content will of course be different, but the flow will be the same, and if you're following the flow of an already successful report you're not only heading in the right direction, but you're heading in the right direction without having to start from scratch.

It's a lazy, but effective shortcut.

Hope this gets you closer to creating the right report for your business. But if you're looking for more details check the link below . . .

Four WAHM Perspectives - Summer Months vs School Days When Running a Business

School supplies abound in department stores; moms are purchasing new clothes for their grumbling kids and counting down the days until summer ends. It’s that time of year again – the back to school frenzy has begun.

This time of year is chaotic for all parents, but it may have the most impact on those who are also trying to manage a home-based business. Most moms say it’s easiest to run their business while the kids are at school, but surprisingly there are a few that embrace the juggling act year-round.

Tami Barker

Stayin Home and Lovin It is a fitting name for the business that Tami Barker, mother of two, has found success with. Barker helps educate others about the toxic-free products as well as the Wellness Company that carries them. Working out of her Washington home, she is truly “lovin” life as a work-at-home-mom (WAHM).

Barker, who runs her business primarily by phone, explains that she finds it easy to run her business during the school season. “My kids are older, so it’s easier during school months when they are gone most of the day. During the summer I like to spend as much time as possible with them having fun, although I do still have some business hours.”

“My business is very flexible, so even during the school year I can be the one that takes my kids to sports and after school activities. I also have the flexibility to go on field trips and help out in the classroom when I can. I always have my calendar by my side to prevent any conflicts with my personal and business schedules.”

Lorie Kelley

When asked whether running her business goes smoother during summer months or the school season, Lorie Kelley, feels it’s about the same for her year-round. The mother of two children says, “When you have your own business, you make your own hours. I just change my schedule to fit my lifestyle.”

Kelley, whose home business is run from her West Virginia residence, works as a travel agent through Coastal Families Worldwide. Despite homeschooling her children, she has built her business up to a place where it can support her family when necessary. Kelley states, “My husband had no work one winter. I was just 5 months into the business, but I was making enough to support us! I thank God for what he has done for my family!”

Gina Neef

Eco-friendly business mom, Gina Neef, agrees that running a business during the school year is as equally demanding as in the summer-time. Neef is an Executive Director with The MOM Team™ whose two children both attend public school. “When they are in school running my business is a little easier,” Neef says, “but I do manage both well.

Neef’s business, which she runs mostly online and over the phone from her Texas home, takes plenty of planning ahead of time to make the balancing act of business vs. family work. “I schedule time with my kids and don’t take calls at certain times of the day. I schedule my time well and have great support from my husband,” says Neef.

Diana Ennen

Florida-based mom Diana Ennen has worked from home for over twenty years. This experienced WAHM finds the summer months much more difficult in terms of running her business. “My business is much easier to run during the school year.” she states, “In fact, even when summer camp is in session, it's still more difficult in the summer.”

“As I'm working primarily on the computer, they can't see how busy I am at times. For example, I might be in the middle of a huge publicity blitz for a client who got national recognition and I need to spread the word, but my kids just see me typing. They interrupt and I lose the focus that I had. As a writer it's tough, too, because I could be really into writing a press release or something for a book I'm working on and then they come in and interrupt, I again lose my train of thought and often never get it back.”

“You feel like you need to entertain your kids during the summer. Even though I plan ahead and have lots of activities, crafts, etc., they still get bored. It's hard for me to focus on getting work done during the summer months.”

Jill Hart is the founder of Christian Work at Home Moms,

Moehr & Associates for Direct Sales Success