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WAHM Bookings, Direct Sales Tips
Direct Sales Marketing Leads

Learn Tips to Be a WEALTHY WAHM!


Are you ready for a

Very simply, are you finally ready to start making some serious waves
with your home party plan business?

The Party Plan Business Breakthrough is a simple, focused approach
to teaching you tips, techniques and systems that have been proven
to work time after time to get

More Bookings

Higher Sales

Consistent Recruits

A Solid System for Service

Fun and unique marketing techniques

A 30-Day Program for Results


The Party Plan Business Breakthrough is a systematic
6-part audio training program that will walk you through...
every step to take to build your business.

It is recorded for you to listen online, download to your MP3 player
or listen to on a CD.

It will also include a workbook for each segment so you
can easily follow along, make notes and have something written to refer to
time and time again.

This is something completely new!

Instead of another book or "program" to follow, I know that
many of you are time-crunched and want to learn, but just
don't have the time to sit down and read and watch videos and
put the systems we offer into place.

The Party Plan Business Breakthrough is designed to be a
super simple, enjoyable and easy-to-use method of learning
the Direct Sales Power Network tools for fast-track results.

Each audio segment will cover various areas from our lineup including:

Our powerful leads-generation program
for getting a consistently solid booked calendar--you'll get
the highlights from this popular book

hPUMP Party Plan Marketing Guide h
Fun, unique and easy-to-use techniques for
more bookings, more sales and amazing service that drives
customers back to you time and again

hThe Boot Camp Program h
We'll include key segments from our most powerful program ever!
Our 30-Days to Success Calendar for the fastest results possible
Systems for results--How to set up your own in-house marketing department

Mini-Media Mogulh
Our newest and exclusive training to make yourself a mini-media mogul!
Includes a media release to send to the media to start getting
you some glittering attention!

Business Basicsh
You're a home-based little business so why worry about legalities and taxes?
We'll cover some great (and simple) tips to keep your business
profitable and running smoothly. Plus, we'll cover some basic
strategies to keep your business running smoothly.

Motivation and Getting Past the Fearh
Do you find yourself mired in self-doubt or fear, afraid to take
the steps to get your business really rolling?
Everyone has doubts and fears and we'll cover some techniques to
help overcome them quickly and easily so you can shine all the time!

hMarketing Your Business for Successh
The true success of any business lies in setting up a
successful, repeatable marketing strategy. Within
this program, we're going to cover some of the simple
marketing techniques millionaire business owners use to thrive!