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WAHM Bookings, Direct Sales Tips
Direct Sales Marketing Leads


I am so excited that this club was formed! 
I want to take my direct selling business to the next level
and what a great, economical way to learn!
Debra B.

Get one of our powerful training books, videos and/or audios for just one low price each month!
Every month, receive a new book, audio or video teaching you how to build your direct sales and party plan business!
Perfect budget-friendly training paced to so you can learn and grow on your own schedule!

Each month you'll receive:
1.Month One:
PUMP Party Plan Marketing Guide -- packed full of fun tips and technique to super-charge your party plan business learn more
2. Month Two: 
GET FAMOUS! You'll receive a generous sampling of one month of our "Get a Little Bit Famous" program including a customized video and an ad on our
top Google-ranked site:
  learn more
3. Month Three:
Direct Sales Business Blaster -- this little book is page-after-page of business builders including recruiting a bigger team. learn more
4. Month Four:
Direct Sales Guide: GET BOOKED SOLID audio CD/MP3 -- Learn how to TRIPLE your leads for sales parties and get a fully-booked calendar!
*U.S. customers: You will receive CD with full program and bonus ebook excerpt. International will receive online access. learn more
5. Month Five:
Party Plan Profit Booster mini -- you'll get the ebook and two online/MP3 audios from this program.
This is our reader-driven tips program for what has helped them build their business (there's some great stuff in here!) learn more
6. Month Six:
WEALTHY WAHM tips book plus you'll get an audio series that will teach you step-by-step how to develop an amazing service program
that keeps your customers coming back year after year and sending new clients your way learn more
7. Month Seven:
Get our unique 30-Day Success Calendar plus an audio tutorial telling you how to set-up your own 30-day success system by doing just a few key tasks each week. We'll walk you through setting it up!  learn more
8. Month Eight:
Get the Direct Sales Boot Camp Success System manual. This is our most powerful program "how to" guide and will tie together everything you've learned! learn more

9. Month Nine:
You'll receive a trio of audio CD/MP3 sections of the Party Plan Business Breakthrough system.  learn more

10, 11, 12 Month Ten, Eleven, Twelve:
TBD -- New products coming and you'll get them first!


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Learn more about Top Sellers Tell...


I just got my first ebook and free tips ebook. The tips
ebook has already given me three ideas for new lead generation! So far, so good!
Christine T.S.

Join our new Book-Of-The-Month Club now!
It's just $19.99 per month (cancel anytime)
--Join before March 31, 2011 and receive Top Sellers Tell...--

$19.99 per month / cancel anytime! -- U.S. ONLY


  $19.99/month / cancel anytime -- INTERNATIONAL



Please read:
Immediate confirmation for program. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your first items/bonuses.
You will receive each month's book, audio, CD or video (as listed0, as long as you stay active in the program. You may cancel at any time prior to subsequent billing.
All products are digital unless otherwise noted. All books are ebooks unless otherwise noted. CDs, where noted, will be mailed to U.S. customers only. International will receive online access. $9.99 added to all U.S. orders for shipping of CDs (where noted).
You will be billed each month and receive your item within 5 business days of payment. You may cancel at any time and keep what you've received to that point.
Membership is non-transferrable and items are copyrighted and may not duplicated or shared. Items are non-refundable once received.

Moehr and Associates reserves the right to make changes, updates or substitutions wherever necessary. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Moehr And Associates, Inc.

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