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30 Days to Success


I didn't really expect it to make much difference, but following the Success Calendar tripled my business in 60 days. I will continue to use this the rest of the year! Kiki G., Phoenix, AZ

Bootcamp Blast:
Coach Yourself to Success in 30 Days!
Have you...
  • Listened to extensive motivational tape sets?
  • Attended the seminars?
  • Read the books?
  • Bought the programs "guaranteeing your success"?
You probably got some great information, had some moments of inspiration, got motivated...and then got caught up with everyday life and forgot most of what you learned...or just ran out of time in the day to apply it.
Sales and motivational programs are great, but they tend to lack the daily steps you need to take to reach your specific goals. They are usually "one size fits all" and make it more difficult to apply to your specific needs.
Our 30-Day Dreams: A Self-Coaching Blast workbook gives you the simple blueprint to follow to get your business from where you are today to where you want to be. It breaks down the steps into small daily activities.
The workbook provides a calendar and tasks. If you follow the daily steps, you will have more customers, more leads and more sales. But even more importantly, you will have more clarity and focus about your business. You will know:
  •  What you really want
  • How to get it quickly and easily
  • Where you can expect to be next year

Your blueprint will be tailored for your business, your lifestyle, your dreams.

The program gives you an intensive 6-point marketing plan including:

1.) Personal Business Assessment: An honest appraisal of your dreams: You need to know where you want to go before you start your journey. You will be able to identify if your gaols for your business are in line with your lifestyle and commitment and what you will need to do to achieve them. It's one thing to want to be a top management executive...and another to do the tasks required to get there.

2.) Our unique 30-Day Success Calendar including daily detailed tasks to accomplish. This is a targeted approach other programs don't offer. You will know what you need to do and when to do it in a simple, concise format for 30 days.

You may do more than the scheduled tasks, however you should commit to do the minimum of 4-days of scheduled tasks. If you work more, your results will be quicker. The tasks may take only a few minutes to a few hours. You decide which days you will work and when you can complete them. Each day's tasks are given an estimated completion time.

3.) A Definition of Tasks With our 30-Day Calendar we will lay out a program you can live with to continue to reach your goals. Each task is assigned a different day on a physical calendar plus you receive an extensive task definition outline. Each task is fully described and explained.

4.) The Direct Seller Guide: A 29-page intense, leads-oriented program that can help you can triple the amount of leads quickly, easily and at no-cost! This guide has helped numerous direct sellers triple their leads in a short amount of time without cold-calling, knocking on doors, begging friends to hold parties, placing expensive ads, etc.

5.) PUMP Member News Guide: A one-year subscription to all current and past newsletters developed specifically for direct sales professionals. These powerful newsletters include tips, stories from top professionals and ideas to get more leads, sales and loyal customers than you've ever had! Our "platinum" resource for direct sellers who are serious about success.

6.) A 30-day one-on-one consultation with our marketing and professional coaching staff. This can help answer questions, clarify tasks, give you suggestions, etc.

You are not just purchasing books, but a marketing team dedicated to helping you succeed. You can use the consultation if and when you need it.

We cannot gurantee you any certain level of success. However, by using the Bootcamp program, we do guarantee that we can help you define your business goals, set up a program of action that works for you and give you numerous unique and interesting tools for developing strong, consistent leads, sales and recruits!

We also offer an easy-to-use follow up program for a full 90-days of calendar tasks.

Want to see a sample?
Click below to see a sample of the Success Calendar plus tasks and an excerpt from the Direct Seller Bootcamp Manual

Click below to see a sample of calendar.

Here's how it works:
After we receive your order for the Direct Seller Bootcamp, you will receive the complete program. All documents, guides and newsletters are in .pdf electronic format. You can access a free reader at:
Your first task will be to thoroughly read the marketing manuals, newsletters, etc. You will then start working in your workbook and with your Success Calendar tasks. We strongly urge you to complete them in the order given, however if you find you want to rearrange them, the choice is yours.
If you have any questions, please be sure to email us. We are happy to answer your questions, clarify assignments and offer suggestions. We try very hard to respond to emails within 48 hours Monday through Friday. We are unable to provide any response on weekends unless special arrangements have been made.
Your success is our success. After 30-days if you do not feel you are reaching your goals, we will extend your consultation another 60 days. The program is set up for a quick-start blast, but not everyone can complete the tasks in the timeframe given. We understand this and can work with you for another 60 days.
However, we caution you that this program will only work for you if you are motivated and interested in operating a successful business. For those who cannot devote a few hours a week to working their business, we cannot be responsible for the level of results you may achieve.
There is no time-limit on working with the manuals given in this Bootcamp. They may used now or a year from now, however consultation is limited to 30 days after receipt of order.
The Success Calendar is really simple to follow. I had to work it using only three days of tasks instead of four because I have a full-time job, but I have seen a great increase in my business. Thanks! Katie P., Portland, OR

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